Admitted to another major at USC, but want to study at Viterbi?

Congratulations on your admission to USC!

We have been getting a number of questions about adding a second degree in engineering, or switching entirely.  If you are interested in studying engineering at USC (either as a second degree or changing majors), but were not admitted to USC Viterbi, read on…

Although you are very excited to switch your major to engineering, you must wait till you have started classes at USC to officially apply to USC Viterbi. In order to make an admission decision, the committee needs to review your academic performance in at least one semester of typical engineering coursework at USC.

The process is very straight forward and simple.

There are steps you can take now to help you with this process.

  1. Once you have submitted your commitment deposit, your next step is to register for New Student Orientation.
  2. When signing up for orientation, make sure and select the option to attend the PRE-ENGINEERING workshop.
    1. At this workshop you will meet with our academic advisors as they lay out a course plan for you to work on with your assigned academic advisor.
    2. Attending a pre-engineering workshop is required to start this process and get on the right track.
  3. The course plan you will undertake is outlined at our pre-engineering webpage

And… thats it!  There is nothing else to worry about or discuss further as it will all be taken care of when you attend the pre-engineering workshop at new student orientation.  There is NO APPLICATION for pre-engineering – you will be automatically processed and reviewed by taking the above actions.

Pre-Engineering Next Steps


Spring Admits

For Spring Admits interested in switching their major to engineering, in addition to the steps above, we strongly advise you to follow Viterbi’s recommendations for fall, which is enrolling at a community college or other university for the Fall 2018 semester to stay on track with your graduating class. For more information on this and with help selecting courses for that semester, you can check out

Paul Ledesma

About Paul Ledesma

Paul is currently the Director of Undergraduate Admission at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering. Although he is not an engineer, he loves working with engineering students and secretly wants to be one (they do so much cool stuff!). He watches way too many movies, is a self-admitted gadget-freak, comic book aficionado, and avid fan of all things Apple. Paul studied Psychology at the University of Southern California and "fell into" the college admission field after graduation in 2000.

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