Incoming Class of 2019
March 27, 2019

RSVP for One of Our Admitted Student Days

It's almost April, which means it's almost time for admitted student events at USC! This is your chance to meet engineering faculty and students, see labs and facilities, sit in…
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Viterbi News
March 7, 2019

What Drought?

"About 80% of rainfall in Southern California gets dumped into the ocean." If you've spent any time in Southern California this winter, you've probably noticed something a little out of…
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Podcast: Viterbi Voices
March 4, 2019

Another podcast! This time we’re Understanding the Science of Sports

Check out our latest podcast with Dr. Jill McNitt-Gray In this episode, Paul and Rhea catch up with Dr. Jill McNitt-Gray, a professor in the Biomedical Engineering department and head…
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Viterbi News
March 1, 2019

USC Professors earn $3.1 Million Grant to Support Colorectal Cancer Research

"We will perform hundreds of simulations to identify how the overall growth of the tumor can be halted” In the fall of 2017, a $50 million gift from renowned spinal…
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Viterbi News
February 22, 2019

Startup Converts Plentiful Biofuel Byproduct into Profits

“All you have to do is put the glycerol in a huge pot, heat it up, add the molecule, and voila, the magic happens.”   Every year, the production of…
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February 15, 2019

USC Viterbi Student Wins Hack.LA Mobility

If you live in LA, you know traffic is just a part of life. But does it have to be? For the past three years, teams have flocked to Hack.LA…
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