Our fall on-campus program to get to know Viterbi!

As part of Discover USC, Viterbi will host a full day expo full of seminars, lab tours, student orgs, and more. Don't miss your chance to see what it's like to be a Viterbi Engineer.

It’s All Part of Discover USC

The Discover USC Program is a full day, open house event on campus each year in the fall.  It is the best way to get to know what being a student here is like before choosing to apply. There are campus-wide activities such as campus tours, student panels, financial aid presentations, and academic unit sessions.

Here at Viterbi, we give presentations about our programs and also open up the ViterbiEXPO.  The EXPO includes lab tours, micro-seminars, a student organization fair, a photo booth, and awesome Viterbi Swag.  The EXPO is designed to give you the best look at USC Viterbi and help answer any questions you have about student life, entrepreneurship, undergraduate research, going abroad, getting a job, and student advisement.

Please let us know if you’re planning to join us:


Plan out your day!

Start planning out your visit with us now.

Viterbi EXPO
November 11, 2017

This is a rain-or-shine event
(Below is a tentative schedule of the day: subject to change)

Check in begins at VKC on campus

Presentation: Viterbi Overview and the Application Process
(for current high school students) in SGM 123

ViterbiEXPO Opens in The Epstein Family Plaza (map)

Presentation: Viterbi Overview and the Application Process (for current high school students in SGM 123

ViterbiEXPO Closes

Here’s a grid of all that we had going on at the Fall 2016 ViterbiEXPO

Check out the timetable below to see the microseminars, tours and presentations that were offered. Use the red buttons see descriptions of the mircoseminars, labs, student orgs, and more.

Learn more about everything that happens at the #ViterbiEXPO

ViterbiEXPO Timetable

10:00 AM Viterbi Admission Presentation (first year applicants) SGM, 123 Viterbi Transfer Presentation (transfer applicants) SGM, 124
11:30 AM Viterbi EXPO opens
12:00 PM Micro Seminar: CyberSecurity & Forensics
EEB 132
Micro Seminar: The Arcade: GamePipe
OHE 122
Micro Seminar: Majors, Minors, & Electives: Engineering+
RTH 109
Micro Seminar: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
RTH 526
Micro Seminar: Energy Efficiency &  Petroleum Engineering
RTH 324
LAB TOURS BEGIN || 12 pm – 3pm
All Tours Depart from RTH Courtyard
1:00 PM Micro Seminar: Cybersecurity & Forensics
EEB 132
Micro Seminar: The Arcade: GamePipe
OHE 122
Micro Seminar: Majors, Minors, Electives: Engineering+
RTH 109
Micro Seminar: The Freshman Academy Experience
RTH 115
Micro Seminar: Energy Efficiency & Petroleum Engineering
RTH 324
Micro Seminar: Your Future After Undergrad
RTH 105
1:30 PM Viterbi Admission Presentation (first year applicants) SGM, 123 LAB TOURS CONTINUE
2:00 PM Micro Seminar: Your Future After Undergrad
RTH 105
Micro Seminar: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
RTH 526
Diversity Dialogue
RTH 210
Micro Seminar: The Freshman Academy Experience
RTH 115
3:00 PM Viterbi EXPO ends


Lab tours show some of the spaces where we get our hands dirty.

We offered guided tours of some of our labs to see what types of spaces we have for students to participate in research, hands on projects, lab classes, and more. Students and professors were there to explain their research and share their experiences.

Seeing some of our hands-on spaces are highlights of the day!  Here is the list of the labs tours from the 2016 Viterbi EXPO.

Aero-Mechanical Lab

Instrumentation and device control through symbiotic integration of mechanical, optical and electronic components.

Rocket Lab

The work space for a student-led team dedicated to being the first undergraduate group to send a rocket to space.

Structural Engineering Lab

Testing of building components and materials. Tours will receive an overview of test equipment and witness a live tensile test.

Dryden Wind Tunnel

Measurement of aerodynamic forces (lift and drag) and interrogate flow fields in order to better understand and design all scales of flying devices.

Engine Lab

Automotive engine research aimed at increasing gas mileage and reducing pollutant formation.

Gill Composite Center

Composite material testing and manufacturing labs to address problems associated with the design, manufacture and behavior of composites and composite structures.

Living Systems Engineering

Mechanisms of development and disease on the cell and tissue level using microfabrication, biomaterials, cell biology and imaging techniques.

Combustion & Fuels Lab

Combustion properties for fuels used in transportation and power generation including biofuels and conventional fuels.

ImmunoBioengineering Lab

Develop novel engineering tools for modulating immune responses.

Media Communications Lab

Image and Video Processing and deep visual data analytics and data compression methods.

Water Quality Lab

Inductively Couple Plasma and/or Atomic Adsorption Spectrophotometer; Microbiology of seawater, pond water, and drinking water.  Tour will talk about the instruments used in water analysis.  Research is conducted on different aspects of water quality science and engineering to provide safer and cleaner drinking water.

SC Racing Garage

See where SC Racing spends their time designing and building a Formula One race car for competition.  Another student design space, these students completely design and manufacture their car each year! Also be sure to see Stacy, their car from last year at the student org fair!

Direct Digital Manufacturing (3D Printing)

3D Printing devices and testbeds developed in-house


There are many ways to get involved at Viterbi.

Many of our student organizations will be in attendance to tell you what their group does and share their experiences with you. This is a great way to see how students spend some of their free time on campus.

Diversity Organizations

The Center for Engineering Diversity is the home of our diversity related organizations including Society of Women Engineers, National Organization of Black Engineers, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Queers in Engineering, Science, and Technology, Girls in Tech USC, among others.

Innovation Organizations

Got an idea? Interested in start-ups and entrepreneurship? Check out these student orgs that are focused on innovation & entrepreneurship:  SparkSC, LavaLab, 3D4E (3D printing for everyone), and more!

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations from a variety of majors will be at the EXPO to tell you about what resources and events they have for students in terms of professional development, social opportunities, service, and more.  This also encompasses Greek life, honor societies, and more!

Design Teams

Many students spend their free time building tangible products in student led design teams.  Our EXPO will showcase airplanes designed by Aerodesign Team, Concrete Canoe made by the American Society of Civil Engineers, a formula-style race car from SC Racing,

Here Are Some The Student Organizations That Have Been At #ViterbiEXPO.

    • AeroDesign Team of USC
    • Alpha Omega Epsilon
    • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
    • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
    • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
    • Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering
    • Association for Computing Machinery
    • Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
    • Chem-E Car
    • Corpus Callosum
    • Engineers Without Borders
    • Girls in Tech USC
    • Hyperloop at USC
    • Illumin
    • Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers
    • Klein Institute for Undergraduate Engineering Life
  • LavaLab
  • Liquid Propulsion Lab
  • Makers of Entertaining Games Association
  • MEDesign Medical Device Design Team
  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Queers in Engineering, Science, and Technology
  • Sigma Eta Pi
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • Spark SC
  • TAMID Group at USC
  • Theta Tau
  • USC 3D (printing) For Everyone
  • USC Forumla SAE Team
  • USC Rocket Lab
  • VRSC


Where do you want to go?

There's a myth that engineers can't go abroad. Check out the going abroad booth at ViterbiEXPO to meet several students who have gone abroad and learn about their experiences!

Here are just a few examples of students who have gone abroad.



Aerospace Engineering

Betty went abroad with the Viterbi Summer Overseas Program to London, and also to Germany with the Hodge Research Group.



Industrial & Systems Engineering

Ally studied abroad for a semester at the University of Melbourne and absolutely fell in love with Australia.



Environmental Engineering

Bria studied abroad in Madrid, Spain through the Viterbi Overseas Program this past summer.



Biomedical Engineering

Rhea spent the summer conducting research in China through the Viterbi School's Tsinghua Undergraduate Research Program.


There’s so much more to share.

At #ViterbiEXPO we host micro-seminars and activities to go into more details about other aspects of USC life. In the past these have included presentations about internships, careers, and success after undergraduate, grad school opportunities, and engineering plus, the idea of doing more than just engineering.

Here are some microseminars we have offered at #ViterbiEXPO in the past.

Your Future After Undergrad

Location: RTH Room 105 (first floor of RTH), Times: 1 pm & 2 pm

What will you do after college?  Join Monica de los Santos from Graduate Admission and Lilian Barajas from Student Engagement & Career Connections, along with a few alumni, as they discuss your future and how we prepare students for success in graduate programs and the job search process.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Location: RTH 526 (fifth floor of RTH),  Times: 12 pm & 2 pm

Join our Associate Dean, Matthew O’Pray, to learn how you can get involved in innovation and entrepreneurship community at USC.  From courses, to minors, to innovation centers, challenges, and the start up culture of Los Angeles, USC has what you need to make your ideas a reality.  You will be able to build and execute your ideas for your new tech start up, social entrepreneurship idea, business venture and more.

Majors, Minors, & Electives: Engineering +

Location: RTH 109 (first floor of RTH),  Times: 12 pm & 1 pm

EngineeringPlus is the Viterbi idea that you should be able to do more than just engineering.  Engineering should not limit your academic pursuits, or your other pursuits in your free time.  This session covers academic advising and how to make that double major or minor possible, as well as include students who are pursuing two degrees, or have deep involvement in areas beyond engineering.

The Arcade: GamePipe

Location: OHE 122 (first floor of OHE),  Times: 12 pm & 1 pm

Our Computer Science (Games) students create some awesome titles. Learn about the program and experience a demo of some recent games.

Cybersecurity & Forensics

Location: EEB 132 (first floor of EEB),   Times: 12 pm & 1 pm

Cybercrime tactics and exploits, anatomy of a breach, and why humans are often the weakest link. Our faculty also provide insight into recent national cases, investigative trends, and how best to protect yourself as 97% of all networks have been breached.

Diversity Dialogue

Location: RTH 210 (second floor of RTH),  Time:  2 pm

Traci Thomas Navarro, Director of the Center for Engineering Diversity, leads a discussion about the importance of diversity in the engineering student body and our programs.

Energy Efficiency & Petroleum Engineering

Location: RTH 324 (third floor of RTH),   Times: 12 pm & 1 pm

Join Dr. Iraj Ershaghi, Director of the Petroleum Engineering Program, and learn about our Center for Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies (CiSoft).  Partnered with Chevron, CiSoft, research includes areas in Integrated Asset Management, Well Productivity Improvement, Reservoir Management, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and Integrated Operation for Subsurface Engineering and Resource Recovery.

The Freshman Academy Experience

Location: RTH 115 (first floor of RTH),   Times: 1 pm & 2 pm

The Freshman Experience at Viterbi is unique.  Our Freshman Academy class is specially designed to help freshman learn about the importance of engineering, the ethical implications of engineering decisions and understand how engineers affect society, technology, history and politics. They provide a unique opportunity for Viterbi engineering freshmen to develop an academic community with other freshmen and faculty beyond their department.  Learn more about how we help our first year student be successful from the start.


Discover USC is a rain-or-shine event
Transportation to Campus

We encourage you to take the Metro Expo Line to campus. Exit the train at the Expo Park/USC stop and enter campus on Trousdale Parkway. Head north to the check-in tables.

Directions and Parking

If you plan to drive to campus for our Discover USC Open House, please follow these directions. Parking will be free of charge and available at Entrances 5, 6 and 8. Click here for a USC map listing entrance locations.

  • From the I-10 Santa Monica Freeway, exit at Vermont Avenue heading south.
  • From the I-110 Harbor Freeway, exit at Martin Luther King Boulevard and head west until you reach Vermont Avenue. Make a right and head north on Vermont.
  • Enter campus at Entrance 5, located at Jefferson Boulevard & McClintock Avenue (section D2 on the USC map); at Entrance 6, located at Vermont Avenue and 36th Street (section A4 on the USC map); or at Entrance 8, located on Jefferson Boulevard between Vermont and Orchard Avenues (section B2 on the USC map).
  • Notify the attendant that you are attending the Discover USC program. The attendant will provide you with a parking permit and direct you to the appropriate parking structure.