Fall 2018

Freshman ApplicantsIncoming Class of 2018
April 11, 2018

Admitted to another major at USC, but want to study at Viterbi?

Congratulations on your admission to USC! We have been getting a number of questions about adding a second degree in engineering, or switching entirely.  If you are interested in studying…
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FAQ (Freshman)Incoming Class of 2018
March 19, 2018

When Will USC Viterbi Admission Decisions Be Released for Fall 2018?!?

Decisions will be dropped in the mail on Thursday, March 22, 2018. Read on: This time of year is incredibly challenging/frustrating/stressful/emotional... you name it.  I get how all of you…
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FAQ (Transfer)Transfer Applicants
December 11, 2017

Transfer Faster: You May be Ready to Transfer for Fall 2018

Did you know that transferring to USC can happen faster than you think? Students are often surprised how USC's admission requirements can be completed in just one year. Competitive engineering…
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FAQ (Freshman)Freshman Applicants
October 9, 2017

Dallas, Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix Discover USC Events Coming Soon!

Live in Dallas, Chicago, Houston, or Phoenix and want to learn more about the USC Viterbi School of Engineering?  Then sign up for our upcoming Discover USC Admission Receptions!  If…
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FAQ (Freshman)Freshman Applicants
October 3, 2017

Washington DC, Boston, New York, Seattle and Portland Events all this Weekend!

Viterbi Admission representatives will be traveling all across the country this week for our off-campus Discover USC events.  If you are a senior thinking about applying to USC for the…
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FAQ (Freshman)Freshman Applicants
October 2, 2017

International Discover USC Programs: Singapore, New Delhi and Mumbai this Week!

This week Viterbi Admission Senior Associate Dean Louise Yates will be visiting Singapore, New Delhi and Mumbai for our international Discover USC programs!  If you are a senior thinking about…
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