Fall 2020

Incoming Class of 2020Podcast: Viterbi Voices
April 23, 2020

Faculty Roundtables Part 3: Industrial & Systems Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical & Computer Engineering

Faculty Roundtables Part 3 This is Part 3 of our three-part Faculty Roundtables blog series, where you get to watch virtual conversations between the director of undergraduate admission, Paul Ledesma,…
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Incoming Class of 2020
April 20, 2020

Faculty Roundtables Part 1: Aerospace, Mechanical, and Astronautical Engineering

Faculty Roundtables Part 1 Are you an admitted student who wants to meet some of your future professors? Or maybe you're a prospective student who wants to learn more about…
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Incoming Class of 2020
April 3, 2020

Virtual Admitted Student Keynote Sessions are Right Around the Corner

Our first admitted student keynote session is this Tuesday, April 7th! It's April, which means it's time to pause your Netflix show, log out of your Zoom class, get your…
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Incoming Class of 2020Podcast: Viterbi VoicesTransfer Applicants
January 16, 2020

Podcast: How to Transfer to USC Viterbi

Viterbi Voices: The Podcast - Ep 5-135: How To Transfer to USC Viterbi If you are currently attending a community college or other university, and are interested in transferring to USC Viterbi for your engineerings degree, this podcast episode is for you! Becky and Angie joined me on a wide-ranging, and detailed discussion about the transferring process.  We discussed how…
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