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Transfer Applicants : Reasons Why You May NOT Hear Back On Time

By March 28, 2012May 18th, 20125 Comments

Admission decisions or a request for spring semester grades will be mailed by June 1st. If you want to be sure to hear back from USC by June 1st, your application needs to be complete.

Below is a list of the common reasons USC will be unable to move forward with the review of your application – which means we won’t be able to get back to you by June 1st.

  • You haven’t submitted an official high school transcript – with graduation date.

Whether you graduated high school last June or a several years ago, we need to verify that you graduated from high school (or earned your GED).  Be sure that the official high school transcript you submit includes your graduation date.

  • You haven’t submitted official college transcripts from all schools attended since high school graduation.

First, let’s talk about what qualifies as an official transcript.  Official transcripts are sealed in an envelope and marked official.  Scanned, faxed or emailed reproductions of your transcript will not be considered official. If you pick up your official transcript from your school be sure not to open the envelope or tamper with the seal. Doing so will make your transcript unofficial.

Next, USC needs official transcripts from all the schools you have attended since graduating from high school.   We need your full academic history to make an admission decision.

  • You haven’t submitted your fall 2011 grades (or your winter grades, if applicable)

Your official transcript(s) should include your fall 2011 grades.  If you submitted your transcripts to USC before your fall grades were reported, be sure to send in  your updated transcript(s) with fall 2011 grades.

Additionally, for those of you who took coursework during the winter – please be sure to send us your winter 2012 grades ASAP.

To confirm receipt of your application materials, you may log in to your USConnect account or contact the Office of Admission by e-mail or by telephone at (213) 740-1111 (weekdays, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time). For faster service, have your USC ID available.
Official Transcripts can be mailed to the following address:
USC Office of Admission (UG)
Univ. Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0911

P.S. a few of you are suspicious of the address listed above because “it doesn’t look like an address”.  This is, indeed, the address for the USC Office of Admission – even though it doesn’t look like one.

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  • Brown says:

    Hi! I am taking English 2 ( USC English 130 Requirement) this semester. Currently, it is in progress, which will be finished before June.

    Is it true that people will automatically get a Spring Grade Request(SGR) if he or she does not finish the writing requirement before Fall semester, regardless of their G.P.A.(i.e. 4.0) ?


  • No, students are not automatically requested for their spring grades simply because the writing course is in progress.

  • Marsala says:

    What if I have turned in all of the listed documents and on my USConnect it states that they have received them and that I do not owe anymore information? I still have not received any info partaining to my application status and it is already past June 1!

  • USC put letters in the mail by June 1 (yesterday) – so it could still take a few days for a letter to reach its destination.