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As the Application Deadline is approaching and students are completing the USC Supplement, we are getting a lot of questions on how to answer the two Viterbi Short Answer Questions.  The most popular questions are: How many words or characters do the two Viterbi Answers need to be?  And, Do you need to answer both questions in one paragraph total or one paragraph for each?

Here is your chance to dig down deep and use all those writing and communication skills that you have acquired since you started school 12 years ago!

The Viterbi questions are Short Answer Questions, so your answers should be short.  They are not essays.  The questions cover two very distinct topics so each question needs its own paragraph.  We don’t have a length or limit in mind, but you should be able to answer the questions in approximately one paragraph, 3-4 sentences each.  You just need to get your point across and finish a complete thought.  We are not counting words or characters.  We have given you a lot of room on the online form to make sure you had enough room; you do not need to use all of it..

Take your time filling out the Common Application and USC Supplement but don’t over think it.  These questions are aiming to get to know you a bit better and hopefully learn a little about your personality.

Rebecca Beiter