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If you’ve been admitted to USC, Congratulations!

We know you have a number of great opportunities when it comes to your education, and choosing between them can be a bit overwhelming.  Finding the “best school” is not always easy, but it becomes a bit easier to manage when you consider that you just have to find the “best school for you.”

To make a good decision, you should learn as much as you can about the programs and schools to which you have been admitted.  Make sure to complete all financial aid paperwork to find out how much it will actually cost to attend.  Soak up as much information you can via campus visits and online info to see if you “fit” with the rest of the student body.

The best way to find a school that “fits” you best is to visit the campus.  Pictures are great, but they can’t give you that campus feel.   Throughout the month of April we are hosting a number of admitted student programs to help you make your decision. Please take advantage of these programs. We’ve designed them to answer all the important questions you have – and even give you information you didn’t know you wanted.

Make sure to sign up and visit during one of these admitted student programs – you will get so much more information from these programs.   If you visit campus on your own you won’t have the opportunity to meet with engineering admission staff, students, faculty and learn everything you need to know about Viterbi & USC.

To RSVP for an admitted student program log in to  You will see a number of different programs we are holding here on campus (Explore USC, Preview USC, etc).  If you aren’t able to make it to campus, we have a number of off-campus programs near you!

Be sure to keep an eye on this blog.  We will be continuously posting about ways to visit campus, when we will be visiting you in your area, financial aid, housing, and other cool stuff you may want to know as you make your decision.

As always – never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  This can be a very fast paced and sometimes confusing process – add a comment below, or contact us directly at any time!

Fight On!

Rebecca Beiter


  • Ollie Lee says:

    my son has been admitted to a different major, but he really want to study ME which is his first choice, is there any way he can transfer to ME major? please advise if this is possible and how?

  • You or your son can give our office a call at 213-740-4530 so that we can discuss his options. Our office is open Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

  • Makena Smith says:

    My boyfriend was admitted back in January but hasn’t been receiving any of the e-mails recently sent from Viterbi (I know this because I was just admitted and received two e-mails this past weekend and he did not). He’s now worried he won’t get the VKEY in the mail either. How can this be fixed?
    Thank you! 🙂

  • His VKEY is in the mail.