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USC wilViterbiEXPO logol be hosting its largest on campus event for prospective students this Sunday, October 30th – Discover USC!  As part of this large university wide event, the Viterbi School will be hosting it’s annual #ViterbiEXPO.  The EXPO kicks off at 10:00 am with a presentation for freshman applicants and one for transfer applicants, and then the open house begins at 11:30!

There is so much to see while you are here! At the Open House you can talk to current students, see what types of student organizations are on campus, take a lab tour, learn about innovation, abroad experiences, and career opportunities, hear from our academic advisers, check out all the cool stuff our design teams are making, check out demos from computer science (games), and get your picture taken at the photobooth.  This program is open for both freshman and transfer applicants!

This day is jam packed with information and we hope that by the end, you have a comprehensive view of USC and Viterbi, and can decide if this is where you might want to spend the next four years.  No matter what you’re interested in, you can learn more about it at ViterbiEXPO!

Be sure to check out our Viterbi Expo Page, to find out about all the cool things happening and to plan your day in advance!

Check out more going on at #ViterbiEXPO!

Rebecca Beiter