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*Note: we have a new post for students admitted for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021!

Congratulations on your admission to USC!

We have been getting a number of questions about adding a second degree in engineering, or switching entirely.  If you are interested in studying engineering at USC (either as a second degree or changing majors), but were not admitted to USC Viterbi, read on…

Although you are very excited to switch your major to engineering, you must wait till you have started classes at USC to officially apply to USC Viterbi. In order to make an admission decision, the committee needs to review your academic performance in at least one semester of typical engineering coursework at USC.  Therefore, the application can be submitted as early as the end of your first semester of classes on campus. Information on that application process can be found at

However, there are some steps that you can take now to help you with this application process. Once you have submitted your commitment deposit AND registered for an orientation session, you can fill out this form.  This form will let us know that you are interested in switching your major to engineering and allow Viterbi Advisors to work with you during orientation to enroll in the recommended courses for your Viterbi major of interest. As mentioned above, these courses represent typical engineering coursework at USC, and generally count towards the courses required for an engineering degree if you are admitted to Viterbi.

Spring Admits

For Spring Admits interested in switching their major to engineering, in addition to the steps above, we suggest following Viterbi’s recommendations for fall, which is enrolling in a community college or other university for the Fall 2017 semester to stay on track with your graduating class. For more information on this and with help selecting courses for that semester, you can check out

Viterbi Admission


  • When will decisions of transfer students will be out?

  • Paul Ledesma says:

    Hello! We are currently working hard at reviewing transfer applicants’ files and will have admission decisions or requests for spring grades (if needed) by the end of May.

  • Scott says:

    Is the process the same for switching to computer science?

  • Paul Ledesma says:

    Computer Science is one of our engineering majors, so, yes, it is the same process. Click through on the links to see specific course recommendations broken down by major.

  • Lik Cheng says:

    In many other universities, computer science (CS) is one of the most competitive major. In the past two years, what percentage of students requesting transfer to Computer Engineer and Computer Science major are actually accepted?
    Same question for electrical engineering.

  • Paul Ledesma says:

    Hi Lik – unlike other universities, we do not have any impacted programs or different levels of competition for admission. All majors have the same chances of admission.

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