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Admitted to another major at USC, but want Engineering now? Read on… 

Congratulations on your admission to USC.  Unfortunately, you cannot simply “change your major” at this time.  You will need to apply as a current student at a future semester.  If that is your goal, our advisors are here to help you. To get there, you’ll need to go through the Pre-Engineering process. While this process isn’t complicated, it does take time–typically 1-2 semesters, to be more precise. But don’t worry, USC advisors are going to help you along the way. Here is a step-by-step guide to help keep you informed of everything you need to know to switch your major to engineering.

The Pre-Engineering Process

  1. Submit your commitment deposit and accept USC’s offer of admission under your current major.
  2. Register for a new student orientation session.
  3. Fill out the pre-engineering interest form
  4. Review the pre-engineering admission criteria and sample course plans
  5. Attend Orientation and a Pre-Engineering advisement info session
  6. Enroll in your first semester at USC and do well in your prescribed classes from advisement.

Visit our Pre-Engineering page to get started! There you will find some handy links to put you on the path to becoming an engineering student at USC.

Start the Process

Visit the Pre-Engineering Page

Spring Admits

In addition to the steps above, we strongly advise you to enroll at a community college and follow our course recomendations for the Fall 2020 semester to stay on track with your graduating class. For more information on this and with help selecting courses for that semester, you can check out

Viterbi Admission