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“I remember when I was applying to colleges as a senior in high school. I knew that I wanted to study engineering, but I had no idea what type and what the differences between majors were.”

-Miranda Jernberg, Class of 2021


We ask you to list an engineering major on your application, but that doesn’t affect your chances of admission.  If you are admitted to one of the engineering majors, you are admitted to all of the engineering majors. After you are admitted, you have the flexibility to switch majors if you want.

But with that being said, you probably still have some questions about what each engineering major is all about. Perhaps you’re losing sleep wondering about the difference between the Biomedical (Molecular-Cellular) major and the Chemical (Biochemical) major. Or maybe you just want to hear our student panelists finally settle the decades-long debate over which engineering major is *officially* the coolest. Whatever your questions may be, we want you to bring them to our Viterbi Voices Live Chat – Picking an Engineering Major this Sunday, August 16th at 7pm! Reserve your spot at the link below. And register soon! Spots fill up quickly.

Picking an Engineering Major

August 16th, 2020 @7pm (PST)

This event will be all about our experiences in the different engineering majors at USC, how we chose these majors, how some of us changed our majors, and how we have been able to explore different types of engineering through interdisciplinary work. Bring your questions!

Register for August 16th

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This event is part of an ongoing series of student-led live chats for 2021 applicants.  Every other Sunday our students get a new group of student panelists at 7:00PM (PT) to discuss a variety of topics.  Topics range from cultural identity to research to social life.  Check out the complete schedule below to register for your favorite topics and catch up on recordings of past events.

Michael Cox

Michael was born and raised in a small island town off the coast of Seattle. He went to USC, but he’s still a Pacfic Northwesterner at heart—he loves hiking, reading, and watching the Seattle sports teams disappoint him. At Viterbi, Michael counsels high school and transfer students in the application process.

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