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Last weekend we had a three day weekend for President’s Day, so my parents and sister flew out to visit me and my brother. Although the trip was short, I made sure to take them to some of my absolute favorite places in LA. Here is the itinerary of what we did:


Mercado La Paloma for Lunch

This gem of a market is super close to campus and has the BEST ceviche and seafood I’ve had in LA. Great for everything from chicken tacos to Thai noodles to octopus!

Visited Santa Monica and My Family’s Hotel

I went back to my parent’s hotel and explored Santa Monica. Nothing beats a good ocean view. 

South End for Dinner

We went to this Italian restaurant near Marina Del Rey called South End for dinner.  It was a super fun little place with great pizza and tableside Tiramisu. 


The USC Village

I had to show my family the most popular USC coffee shop — Dulce. We sipped our lattes and tea in the sun. 

Campus Tour

I walked my family around campus and pointed out my favorite spots like the E-Quad and Fertitta Hall!


We went to my favorite gluten-free bakery, Breadblok, in Silverlake and walked around the area. Silverlake is a hip area north of campus where a lot of recent graduates live.


Universal Studios Park Hollywood

We HAD to stop by Harry Potter world at Universal Studios. We sipped some butterbeer, went on a ton of rides, and had a great time. 

There is so much to do in Los Angeles! It was hard to choose. I’m super excited to show them even more next visit. 

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