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Viterbi Fellows

An honor above the scholarships

Honor With Impact

Each year, the Viterbi School names a small number of our top students as Viterbi Undergraduate Fellows. The Viterbi Fellows are a small group (typically 10% of our incoming class) of some of our brightest incoming undergraduate students. Viterbi Fellows receive priority consideration for special opportunities and programs in the Viterbi School, an additional monetary stipend for each year of undergraduate study, a $10,000 Progressive Degree Program scholarship for your fifth year toward graduate education, and a number of other special benefits.

The program focuses on creating a unique combination of opportunities and experiences, academic and co-curricular, for a unique group of future leaders who want to make an impact on our community and the world as a whole. Fellows are not separated into different classes, or live in different dorms like other honors programs at other universities. We do not believe in segregating you from your peers.

Fellows take advantage of the Viterbi community by building their path to leadership and impact with support from day one. The staff and faculty of the Viterbi school recognize their potential and create pathways and opportunities for the Fellows to maximize their potential by engaging in what they want.

Being a Viterbi Fellow is not only a privilege, but also a commitment. We rely on Fellows to be leaders and trustworthy citizens of the school. With these added opportunities and experiences given to Fellows, we will call upon them to shape future decisions of the school, for outreach efforts in our community, and relying on them to drive the future experiences of their peers.

You Are Going to Make Viterbi Better

Fellows' Benefits & Opportunities

Viterbi Fellows benefits may change from year-to-year for each incoming class.  Fellows are guaranteed the benefits named to them in their particular entering year for their subsequent years of undergraduate study.

Dedicated Program Advisor

You will work one-on-one with a dedicated Program Advisor, in addition to your academic Advisor, to explore and tailor your co-curricular experiences.

Admission to the Grand Challenges Scholars Program

You are automatically admitted our Grand Challenges Scholars program. If you are interested in working towards solving the Grand Challenges, we want to help.

Priority Consideration For Special Programs

Viterbi programs such as Networking Events, Overseas Programs, and more all recognize you as Fellow and will give priority consideration to you when you apply to participate.

Annual $3,000 Monetary Stipend

You will receive an additional $3,000 for your four years of undergraduate study (via Fall and Spring payments) to spend on.... whatever you need at the time!

$10,000 Progressive Degree Scholarship

Your Masters Degree can not only be done in reduced time through the Progressive Degree Program, we will add on $10,000 for your one additional year of graduate study.

Progressive Degree Scholarship

Viterbi Fellows can pursue their Masters Degree in reduced time, and with financial support.

We don't just want students to consider advanced degrees in engineering, we want to provide the support necessary to be successful.

Kelly GoulisSenior Associate Dean

Your education will likely not end with the next 4 years.  If you are, or ever become interested in pursuing a Masters Degree, we are here to support you (and make it a bit easier)!

The Progressive Degree Program (PDP) provides continuing USC undergraduates an accelerated path to earning a BS and MS degree from USC in reduced time, typically five years.  PDP students have the option to start graduate-level classes during their senior year and reduce by up to 1/3 of the total units required for the Master’s Degree.

Upon admission to the Progressive Degree Program, Viterbi Fellows (beginning with the incoming class of 2022) receive a $10,000 scholarship to be used for one additional year of graduate-level study toward completion of their Masters Degree via PDP.

A few of your PDP Predecessors:

The Monetary Stipend

Viterbi Fellows can do more, without worry.

As a Viterbi Fellow, you will receive an additional monetary stipend of $3,000 per year to be coordinated with your other scholarships or financial aid.
We understand that participating in all the activities you want to participate in may have expenses. Your stipend may be used to cover other academic or living expenses you incur such as housing, books and supplies, transportation, etc.
You may need to purchase a new computer one semester, or use it as seed money for your next, best social impact project. Our hope is that Viterbi Fellows have less to worry about and more they can accomplish with this renewable award for your continued years as a Viterbi Undergraduate Fellow.
The award will be divided across the fall and spring semesters as one-time payments in August and January of each year. The stipend renews for each subsequent year of your undergraduate engineering degree program (for a total of eight semesters) provided you maintain good academic standing and make progress toward your engineering degree.
Stipends can be used to cover any other expenses you incur such as:

Priority & Special Access

Viterbi Fellows are positioned to take advantage of their momentum from high school and expand their horizons to great dimensions

Dinner with the Dean

Dinner with the Dean and Faculty are currently slated for the fall semester where you can create closer bonds with those who teach your classes and conduct research. Each semester the Viterbi School hosts speakers from around academia and industry, where Fellows will meet and learn from these innovative leaders in their respective fields.

Dining with our faculty allows you to create closer bonds with those who teach your classes and conduct research.

Undergraduate Research via CURVE

Viterbi Fellows are supported to conduct undergraduate research with priority consideration in applying through the Center for Undergraduate Research in Viterbi Engineering (CURVE). CURVE provides a centralized resource for undergraduate students to explore research opportunities in Viterbi early on in their undergraduate career. The goals of CURVE are to engage Viterbi students in research and mentoring communities, prepare students with skills to access the field of engineering or computer science, and provide students funding.

CURVE matches Viterbi undergraduate students with research labs. Students will be given the opportunity to gain experience on a faculty-led research project. All CURVE fellows will be provided with a stipend to aid students in the pursuit of research.

Networking Opportunities

Each semester we hold special events just for fellows such as industry tours and special opportunities to meet leaders in engineering. We bring speakers from
around academia and industry to address our students and give Fellows more opportunities to meet and learn from these innovative leaders in the #eld.
In addition to our career focused events dedicated to recruiting, Viterbi Fellows will be invited to network with company recruiters. Our Industry Networking
Event teaches you how to build your network and provides a more casual atmosphere to learn about internship and employment opportunities beyond traditional recruiting activities.

Grand Challenges Scholars Program

Fellows are granted admission to The USC Viterbi Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) The GCSP helps organize the time you spend focusing on exploring results that benefit society. Each year, the top Viterbi students who successfully complete the USC Viterbi GCSP 5 core competency areas will be named National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholars, recognized both by USC at graduation and the National Academy of Engineering.

Priority consideration for many Viterbi School programs, including, but not limited to:

From the Fellows

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Learn more about life at USC as an engineering student at Viterbi Voices:

Viterbi VoicesViterbi Voices

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions about the Viterbi Fellows Program. Take a look at our answers to some of your frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What is the Fellowship?

The Viterbi Undergraduate Fellows are an exclusive group of students selected from the incoming class. As an engineer, we believe you shouldn’t be limited in the number of experiences available to you in college. We want you to maximize your potential by engaging in what you want!

How do you apply for the Fellowship?

The Viterbi Undergraduate Fellows are chosen from our top scholarship finalists each year. While there is no application for the Fellows or scholarships, students must apply to USC by the merit scholarship deadline, typically December 1st of each year. There is no need to indicate interest or complete any forms. We will consider all of our top students for scholarship and fellowship awards.

How are the Viterbi Fellows selected?

Fellows are chosen as part of our scholarship award process. All students who applied to USC for merit scholarship consideration will have their applications carefully reviewed. Of those, some will be selected as merit scholarship finalists and asked to participate in a scholarship interview (typically in February-Early March of each year). Once we have selected our final scholarship recipients, a small number of those students will be named a Viterbi Fellow above and beyond any scholarship they may have received.

Are Fellowships awarded at the same time as the University scholarships?

Yes, and no. The Viterbi Fellows are chosen from our scholarship finalists. And while the university scholarships are notified in your portal at the end of March, the Viterbi Fellows are named just a few days immediately afterward. So, if you have been awarded a scholarship, watch your inbox as Fellow Appointments will be sent a few days later. Only those who are chosen for the fellowship receive notification.

I got the Fellowship - now what?

Congratulations!  We hope you will join us at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.  You do not need to take any additional action to accept the Fellowship.  Simply be sure to submit your enrollment commitment deposit via your admission portal no later than May 1.

Submit Your Deposit

Don’t miss the deadline!

Does my Fellow standing last all four years?

Yes, you will receive funding and all of your awarded Fellows’ benefits for a maximum of four years, provided you maintain good academic standing and make progress toward an engineering degree. There is no renewal process necessary for the Viterbi Undergraduate Fellows.