Industrial & Systems Engineering


Industrial and systems engineers work to improve processes, systems, and organizations. An industrial and systems engineering education provides the skills and foundations to design, analyze, and optimize complex systems.

Industrial and Systems engineers are productivity catalysts, managing the combination of physical, capital, and human resources needed to produce and deliver valuable goods and services.

Curriculum and Emphases

Industrial and systems engineers are consummate economic competitors who focus on developing and controlling manufacturing, production, inventory, distribution, service, and management information systems to ensure their companies’ success in the global marketplace. On the job, these engineering professionals optimize the use of scarce resources by integrating people and technology to maximize productivity, minimize cost, improve processes, and maintain high standards of quality.

Industrial and Systems Engineering

The Epstein Department’s Information Systems Engineering option gives extra emphasis to enterprise resource planning, software, and data mining techniques.  USC’s undergraduate ISE curricula prepare students for careers in a wide-range of industries, consulting, or professional engineering practice, and are also an excellent intellectual foundation for advanced degrees in fields as diverse as Engineering, Logistics, Business Administration, Finance, Medicine, Law, or Public Policy.

Course Plan

Companies Hiring Industrial and Systems Engineers

  • Accenture
  • Aera Energy
  • The Aerospace Corporation
  • Boeing
  • Capgemini
  • Cisco Systems
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • The Disneyland Resort
  • Fair Isaac Corporation
  • GE Power Systems
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • KPMG
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Target
  • UPS
  • And Many More!

Make Disneyland More Efficient

Last spring, the Institute of Industrial Engineers participated in a competition at Downtown Disney to help make Disneyland more efficient.  They spent the day collecting data and presented their findings to Disneyland officials. USC IIE focuses on students professional and social development in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Research Highlights

Industrial and Systems Engineering focuses on creating more efficient processes that will improve overall business and engineering processes.  Researchers within the ISE department at USC focus on a variety of different topics.  These include: agile, flexible manufacturing and production systems, economic impacts of terrorism, green logistics and industrial ecology, health systems improvement, human-computer interaction, management of technology, optimization and logistics, port operations and supply chain management, renewable energy systems, transportation and logistics, collaborative engineering design, rapid prototyping, and automated construction.

Career Options

When you graduate with a degree in industrial and systems engineering, here are just a few of the future career paths that might lay before you.

  • Implement enterprise resource planning systems
  • Consult on business practices
  • Design efficient manufacturing and service systems
  • Optimize assembly and distribution systems
  • Develop ergonomically correct systems and interfaces
  • Improve hospital operations and schedules
  • Make systems safe by reducing errors and accidents
  • Manage business operations
  • Develop quality control and assurance systems

Industrial and Systems Engineering Faculty Spotlight

Meet Dr. Bottlik, a professor in the Industrial and Systems engineering department.  Dr. Bottlik loves teaching undergraduate courses, including engineering economy, statistics, and more! Dr. Bottlik is interested in supply chain management as well.  Dr. Bottlik also has run 99 marathons!

Jose Hernandez

Industrial and Systems Engineering, '19

He is a senior studying ISE with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. He took the spring semester off to do a co-op with Johnson & Johnson full-time as a Project Supply Chain Analyst and will be continuing with them into the summer.

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