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Engineering +

Do More Than Just Engineering

There is so much more to being an engineering student than just taking technical classes.

Beyond our traditional engineering degree programs, we encourage students to do more than that, and to find their Engineering+ (insert activity here). Whether that's in a minor, student orgs, volunteering, or just fun classes, we want students to be a part of all that USC has to offer.

Student Stories

Hear from USC Viterbi Students

Engineering + Dance

“My favorite dance class has 100% been Gaga. It totally reframed how I saw dance and movement and made me a stronger dancer in one semester than at any other point in my dance practice.”

Engineering + Club Field Hockey

“From field hockey, I learned the power of mind over body, to push myself to my suspected limits and then exceed them. I learned how to solve problems quickly, to persevere despite faulty goalie pads and oncoming threats.”

Engineering + Research

“When I was a freshman, even in my first semester, I decided to start as an undergraduate research assistant in an environmental engineering lab—and it was simple!”

Beyond Viterbi

Take classes outside of Engineering and Computer Science

We encourage our students to pursue minors and even double majors in a diverse set of fields outside of their regular curriculum.  The most popular options are:




But with more than 150 majors and 150 minors at USC, the combinations are endless, and other examples include Art History, International Relations, Cinematic Arts, Entrepreneurship, Foreign Languages, Public Policy, or any one of the minors offered by Viterbi to complement an engineering degree.  These include ITP minors and specializations like 3D Animation, Mobile App Development, and Cyber Security. There is extra space in every major program to deepen your knowledge in many subjects.

Maybe you don’t want to add a minor, and just want to take a variety of classes for fun.  Many students choose to fill their elective spaces with just one class from many different subjects to develop a diverse set of skills. Take classes like yoga, film symposium, psychology, business communications, and more.

And of course, your general education requirements will also help create diversity and breadth in your curriculum.

Majors and Minors
Professional Schools
of classes to choose from

The USC Community

Get involved

Engineers here do not exist in one corner of campus, they are a part of the greater USC community as well.  College is about making connections and joining a community of dedicated students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and we want you to be able to take full advantage of all the opportunities open to you by being a USC student.

Student Organizations on Campus

There are more than 750 student organizations to get involved with on campus, so no matter what your interests are you can find a group of like minded students and continue your passions.  This includes professional organizations, design teams, SC Outfitters, Ski and Snowboard Club, Ballroom Dancing Club, music groups, comedy clubs, and so much more.  And if you can’t find a club that already supports your interests, find a group of students who have the same interests and start your own club!


Play on!

Don’t give up your love of music. You can join the Trojan Marching Band and play at every USC football game, or you could join a jazz quartet and perform on campus. You can even take advanced lessons directly from music faculty.


Stay Active

No matter what level you play at (or what sport you play) there is an athletic organization for you to join. Depending on your available time, you can join an intramural, club, or varsity level sport. And don’t be afraid to try something new!


Give Back

Volunteering can be a rewarding way to spend your free time on campus. Join organizations like Troy Camp or Science Outreach to interact with the local community, or participate in USC Friends and Neighbors day and JEP.

Trojan Spirit

Join the Family

Don’t miss out on the spirit of going to a large university. Cheer on the Trojans at a football or basketball game, check out Springfest, or attend a Visions and Voices event.

No matter what you are interested in, there is a student organization for you.

Check out USC’s Campus Life page to learn more about all the organizations on campus!

USC Campus LifeUSC Campus Life

Explore Los Angeles

USC is located in the heart of Los Angeles, and as a student here you can take advantage of all that has to offer


Learn to surf or just spend the day out in the sun!

Food Scene

There’s a melting pot of foods to try.

Concerts and Shows

We’re right down the street from Staples Center.


Experience the culture of the city with countless museums.


Check out some of Los Angeles’s sports teams!


Santa Monica, Runyon Canyon, Malibu, and more provide epic hikes.

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