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Engineering Abroad

Where do you want to go?

There’s a myth that engineers can’t study abroad in college. That’s not true at USC Viterbi.

Engineering is a global profession, and therefore global opportunities allow you to learn more about other cultures and specifically gain perspective on technology issues around the world. The opportunity to go abroad in some capacity gives meaningful exposure that will prepare you to enter the workforce. Here we highlight several possible ways to get overseas as an undergraduate for a wide range of lengths of travel. With the proper planning, the only question you need to ask is where do you want to go!

*Note: Due to Covid-19, all study abroad programs are currently on hold. We are hoping to continue study abroad programs in Fall 2021, but the unpredictable nature of the current pandemic makes us unable to give an exact date of when these programs will commence.

International Internships

Work in a Different Country

There are also opportunities to work in a different country. Through both international internships and co-ops, students can work at international companies and gain exposure to the industry. Working with the Viterbi Career Center can make this possible.

Tsinghua Summer Research

Research Exchange Program in Beijing

This six to seven week program provides an opportunity for an exchange of undergraduate students between the Viterbi School of Engineering and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China to participate in research with faculty at each institution.

USC Abroad Programs

The Traditional Way to Study Abroad

Engineers have the ability to participate in any of the traditional semester programs offered by USC. Be sure to check what classes transfer in advance, but spending a semester somewhere like the University of Melbourne is definitely possible.


An International Classroom

Imagine having students from 3 different schools in 3 different countries taking class together, and working on teams to create solutions. This is the goal of iPodia, to remove physical, cultural, and institutional boundaries of learning.

Engineers Without Borders

Help Engineer Better Communities

This student managed organization of volunteers have a common vision of making a difference in the lives of the poor and enhancing engineering education at USC. They have completed two international projects in Honduras to provide clean water.

Problems Without Passports

Take a Class about other Cultures

Problems Without Passports provides you with the opportunity for coursework that combines problem based or inquiry learning research exercises with study in a foreign country.

Alternative Breaks

Spend Your Breaks Helping Others

Alternative Break allows you to spend a break from school volunteering in a community outside of Los Angeles, experience a different culture, and give back while tackling some of the most pressing issues in society today.

More coming soon!

New Abroad Programs in Development

We have some new study abroad programs currently in development that are specifically for engineering students. We're planning on unveiling these for Fall 2021, so stay tuned!

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