All the Engineering Majors Sound Cool

Overwhelmed by all the engineering majors to choose from? Can't pick just one? Come in as undeclared engineering and have a chance to try them all.

One of the options to apply to at Viterbi is Undeclared Engineering.  This tells us that you are interested in being an engineer but just have no idea which one sounds more interesting.  This is totally fine, and kind of interested in engineering is perfect.  We know that you don’t have much exposure to what engineering really is beyond an interest in math and science, and we want to give you the chance to make the right decision for you.

It is really important that if you are at all interested in engineering, but just do not want to declare a major at this point, that you choose undeclared engineering as your first choice major on the applicaiton.  This means that your application will be reviewed by both the Viterbi Admissions team and the USC Admissions team. Unless you list one of the engineering majors as your first choice, we never see your application, and we want to make sure that if you want to be an engineer you can start in engineering classes right away.

Introduction to Engineering

If you are admitted to Viterbi as an Undeclared Engineering Major, you will have the opportunity for your introductory course your first semester to take a broad seminar course that introduces you to all 10 disciplines and 30+ majors we offer here, and hopefully helps you decide which one you want to focus on.  The only restriction is that eventually you do have to choose one major to study. Because of our flexible programs, you just meet with an adviser when you’re ready to start focusing in a certain area and that’s your major!

Spotlight Series

To help you get to know what all the majors mean, we also host spotlight series throughout the year that bring in professors and industry representatives to talk about what a future in each major looks like.  This can help you decide what major will help you get to your dream career, and see what types of opportunities exist to graduates in each major.


If you’re leaning towards one engineering major, you can also start in that introduction class and if you decide that’s not for you, switching to a different major is a simple process.  If you change your major within the first three semesters, you are typically still on track to graduate in four years.  We don’t want you to feel locked into a major you don’t love, which is why if you’re admitted to one engineering major, you’re admitted to them all.

At the end of the day, we know that you want to solve problems, and there is no right formula for the best way to solve those problems, but there is a right fit major for you.  Our environment of interdisciplinary studies allows you to add to your repertoire of skills outside of your direct major. You can join clubs different than your field, do research in a lab in a different department, or take technical electives in a variety of areas.  Plus, adding an emphasis to your major allows you to gain depth in a specific branch of each major.

Learn More about the Engineering Grand Challenges

The Engineering Disciplines

Eventually you will have to limit your studies to one major, spread across eight departments, ten disciplines, and more than thirty major combinations.  Take some time to explore all of the different opportunities available to you.

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Things that Move.

Astronautical Engineering

Build for Beyond.

Biomedical Engineering

Help Others Live Better.

Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Make the Stuff of Tomorrow.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Design. Build. Improve.

Computer Science & Engineering

It's Way More Than Coding.

Electrical Engineering

Power Up.

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Engineer Better Businesses

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