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Fall Plans

What should you do until the Spring?

Selecting Fall Courses

Below are some steps to make sure you take classes in the fall that will transfer to USC when you join us in the spring. The white boxes will provide some helpful tips on finding USC-equivalent courses at your specific institution. If you would like to view a sample course plan for your major, click on your department below.

STEP 1:  Sign Up for Math & Science/Programming Classes

The most important classes to enroll in this fall are math and science/programming. The information below will help you determine which math and science/programming classes you should register for this fall. Make sure to visit our Articulation Agreements and Articulation Histories to find the equivalents to USC courses. Instructions on how to use the articulation histories/agreements can be found here.

  • Math
    Take the equivalent to the USC Course of MATH 125, 126, or 226* (Calculus I, II, or III).
    * Computer Science (Games) & Computer Science/Business Majors who have already completed the equivalent to Calc I and Calc II should take MATH 225 (Linear Algebra) in the fall instead of Calc III. This is because Calc III is not part of your curriculum.
    Note: AP & IB Scores can help you place in certain levels at your chosen college for the fall.  As a general guideline, Calc AB with a score of 4 or 5 should enroll in the Calc II equivalent. Calc BC with a score of 4, should enroll in Calc II equivalent.  Calc BC with a score of 5 should enroll in Calc III equivalent. 
  • Science/Programming**
    • If you are a Computer Engineering & Computer Science, or Computer Science (Games) student, take an additional GE or a programming course.
    • If you are an Electrical & Computer Engineering student, take the equivalent of either PHYS 151, 152, or 153, or a programming course.
    • All other majors, take the equivalent of the USC Course CHEM 105a (General Chem I).
      Note: AP Chemistry with a score of 4 or 5 satisfies the CHEM 105a course.

*Please contact our office with any questions you have regarding these course options.

**Computer Science students may take programming courses instead of, or in addition to, lab-based science courses before coming to USC. While programming courses very rarely transfer for course-equivalent credit at USC, they can be good preparation for challenge exams. If a student does well enough on a challenge exam for a particular course, the student may be able to waive that course requirement. Please visit the section on programming courses for more information.

Finding Math & Science Classes

USC has several resources to help you identify transferable coursework at your institution. Here are your key resources for identifying transferable courses:

  • Articulation Agreements : California Community College
    If you attend a California Community College you can use USC’s Articulation Agreements to identify transferable coursework from your school.
  • Articulation Histories
    If you will attend a community college or a four-year institution that is not listed in the articulation agreement database, you should review the USC Articulation Histories website. Articulation Histories will display courses that have transferred to USC for credit in the past and therefore may list few courses if few students have transferred from that school. However, many more courses from that school may be transferable.

STEP 2: Sign Up for Additional Courses

In addition to taking math and science/programming classes, you should, if possible, take a course (or two) that will satisfy a USC GE requirement.

    Engineering students should choose from the following GE Categories: A, B, C, or D.
    Note:  AP & IB Scores can help you satisfy some of USC’s General Education Categories.
 Finding GE Courses

If you wish to take a GE class this fall:

  • Consult the articulation history or agreement for the school you will attend in the fall.  Enroll in a course(s) that will satisfy Category A, B, C or D.

If the school you are attending in the fall does not list any courses that will satisfy GEs:

Got Questions?

Send ’em over, and we will get right back to you.

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