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helpHappy New Year!

With the transfer application deadline less than a month away I am sure many of you are working on your application.  We know completing college apps is a lot of work and we want the USC application process to go as smoothly as possible. Below is a list of answers to your USC application FAQs. Hopefully, these answers keep you moving along!

How do I complete my application to USC?

We’ve outlined the admission process on the Viterbi Transfer Admission website.  Be sure to check it out!

Are transfer applicants required to submit a letter of recommendation?

No. But The Common App (not USC) requires all applicants to assign an Academic Evaluator to complete the application.  USC will still consider your application complete if your academic evaluator doesn’t submit a recommendation on your behalf.

I submitted the Common Application & USC Supplement but my transcripts won’t get to USC until after February 1st.  Is this ok?

Yes!  To meet the application deadline you just need to submit the Common Application & USC Writing Supplement by the February 1st.

Official high school and college transcripts can be submitted soon after the deadline. However, your application will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed until all documents are received.

Do I need to submit the Registrar Report? How about the “Additional Forms” : the  Final Report, Mid-term Report, and College Report?

No.  We do not need (or want) the Registrar Report nor do we need the Final Report, Mid-term Report or the College Report.   Isn’t that a relief – less paperwork!

To workaround the Registrar Report just enter the name of your school registrar without an email address…and then don’t send us the paper version of the form because, again, we don’t need it. 

Common App is asking me to provide the name of my Academic Advisor. What should I do?

We do not typically contact academic advisors.  USC will not be concerned if you enter an invalid address into this required field.  This workaround is for USC only and you should contact other universities for their practices.  This tip is courtesy of the USC Office of Admission

Which classes should I list as my “current” classes in Common App?

You should list all the classes that you took in fall 2014 and the courses that you are taking/will take in the winter 2015 (if applicable) and spring 2015.

How am I supposed to answer this question (see below)  about full time enrollment on the Writing Supplement?

Not Full Time

Were you ever enrolled in less than 4 courses in a semester (or less than 3 classes/quarter)? If so, just provide a brief explanation that explains why you didn’t enroll in more courses.  That’s it!

If you’ve always been a full-time student (4 or more classes/semester) you can just leave this question blank or simply write “N/A”.

Where should I send my transcripts? 

If you are mailing your official transcripts  please send them to:

USC Office of Admission (UG)
Univ. Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0911

Note, you can use the address above for follow-up transcripts, application materials and all other types of correspondence.

Do I have to send my official transcripts to the USC Office of Admission and to the USC Viterbi School Office of Admission?

No.  No need to send duplicates.  When you send documents to USC they are uploaded into your file – and all offices can view your file/the documents you sent.

Do I need to submit SAT or ACT scores?

Probably Not.  We only need an SAT or ACT score from transfer applicants who will not have 30 semesters units in progress by the spring semester.

Need more help? Check out our How To Apply Page and the Transfer Application Checklist.

My office is  hosting an online  live chat just for Viterbi Transfer Applicants on Wednesday, January 21st @ 5pm (PST).  We’ll be posting more details about this event in January but for now, save the date!

Good luck wrapping up your application!

Viterbi Admission