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“We’d already done projects together and knew our work styles merged well”

Drake Rehfeld on building a company with fellow USC students Jackson Berry, Alexander Pareto, and Zachary Denham

In 2015, an ambitious computer science student named Drake Rehfeld joined Lavalab, USC’s premier startup incubator. He was just a freshman at the time, but within two years, he would become the incubator’s managing director. Then, in his senior year, Rehfeld took things up another notch. He founded the e-commerce company, which received 120K in seed money from Y Combinator. Now just 22 years old, Rehfeld is busy as’s product manager, providing social media influencers with a suite of services to launch products that support their brand’s vision. Check out the article below to hear about how Rehfeld started building his company as a student at USC Viterbi.


Dreaming Big Pays Off

Viterbi Admission