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As I complete my last semester at USC, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the goals and wishes I had when I was deciding where to go to college. My main goals for college were to explore as many opportunities as possible and form a strong community. I’ve been able to do all three of these things at USC!

Explore Many Opportunities

With the Engineering+ framework, I have been able to take a lot of classes outside of engineering that interested me. I have taken swimming, tennis, yoga, furniture design, and a storytelling class. All of these classes have been super fun and a great way to supplement all my engineering classes. I have also met some great friends in these classes! I definitely recommend everyone try to take at least one elective class every semester.

Beyond electives, I have also been able to explore for my major requirements. One of the things I love about our Mechanical Engineering Program is that we are able to take electives. I have taken an electronics and wearables class, a class about human spaceflight, and a class about microelectronics for major credit. I am so happy I was able to explore things I’m interested in related to engineering. Read over the course plan and talk to your academic advisor to learn more about the classes you can take!

Finally, USC has so many more opportunities to explore and meet new people. From clubs and organizations to sports games to random events on campus, there is always something fun happening. One thing I’m going to miss the most about college is always being able to find free food!

Form a Strong Community

I have met so many wonderful people at USC. When deciding where to go to college, I was looking for a community that was welcoming, passionate, and kind. I’ve absolutely found that at USC. From starting as an online freshman to my final semester,  my community at USC has continued to uplift me and encourage me to take on opportunities that would push me to grow personally, professionally, and academically. I have found this community through clubs such as the National Society of Black Engineers, through my classes, and through residential housing.


USC is an extremely special place, and I’m so grateful I’m able to go to school here. Fight On!


Victoria Pinkett

MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2024 HOMETOWN: Inglewood, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @victorriaimani I'm a member of Regional Executive Board for the National Society of Black Engineer's Region VI. On campus, I am also involved in USC Makers.