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Deciding where you will spend the prime years of your young adult life is a scary task. Deciding to go to USC, however, felt like it came naturally. USC checked off nearly all the boxes of what I wanted out of college. I could go on and on about the different reasons I chose this university, but for brevity I’ll stick to three main points: 

Interdisciplinary Studies: 

USC fosters an environment where intellectual curiosity knows no bounds. The university’s realm of educational exploration does not limit students to their specific major. There are numerous opportunities to join design teams, such as Makers, that bring together students from various engineering disciplines to create unique projects, where you learn skills far outside the typical major curriculum. There are even clubs that combine engineering with completely dissimilar studies, such as USC Corpus Callosum (CoCa) — a club where art meets technology. USC also encourages interdisciplinary studies and allows students to sign up for certain classes outside of Viterbi. I’ve ventured into classes like “Introduction to Music Technology” and hip hop, where we learn foundational techniques and even have a performance at the end of the semester. My friends have delved into ceramics and cinematography as well; the options are really limitless.

Trojan Family: 

The heart of the Trojan Family is palpable wherever you are. I remember countless times in high school when my dad’s USC cap would garner a “Fight On” and a broad smile from strangers passing by. When he would watch college football, I noticed the USC students with their chests painted brightly in cardinal red and gold, screaming at the top of their lungs to cheer their team on to victory. Witnessing the sense of camaraderie and school spirit that lives on within every Trojan really made me want to become one myself. In addition, the Trojan Family is not just a social community to lean upon; it’s a professional network that supports students’ career goals, by facilitating opportunities for internships and jobs through alumni connections and mentorships. 


Los Angeles has endless things to do: beaches nearby, several concert venues, weekly flea markets, etc. As a big foodie, I love how many unique restaurants and dessert spots there are to try in the area. This city also has a rich history to explore. There are many museums (many that are free!) and different cultural pockets throughout the city to venture into. You never really run out of things to see or experience, which means a new adventure is always right around the corner.


Overall, choosing USC was a decision that went beyond academics; it was about embracing an environment that champions interdisciplinary exploration, being part of a supportive and spirited community, and immersing myself in the vibrant culture of Los Angeles. So far, USC has definitely lived up to the expectations I had when I first made the decision to attend, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of my time here has in store. 

Saafiyah Patel