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Financial Aid at USC – Helping to make it all possible

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dollar103Around this time of year we get a lot of questions regarding managing the cost of a USC education. Financial Aid often makes USC an affordable option and we strongly encourage each family to complete the Financial Aid process.

What are my Next Steps for Financial Aid?

If you have not started the Financial Aid process:

Your first best step may be to check out this webinar on USC Financial Aid.  The webinar is only about 20 minutes, and it covers a ton of information including the USC Financial Aid philosophy, types of financial aid, determining your financial aid eligibility, and how to apply.

After watching the webinar head to our Financial Aid website for the steps you need to complete (keep in mind that these steps should be completed as soon as possible).

If you have started the Financial Aid process:

If you believe you have completed the process – login to and check your status.  If the Financial Aid Office has all of your information it is likely that your package has already been completed.

If USC is missing any information for you, we highly recommend uploading all information electronically via Uploading missing documents is the fastest way to get your document(s) processed.  Any documents mailed to the Financial Aid office may incur many days of processing before acted upon.

money146More than two thirds of all undergraduate students receive financial aid in the form of merit scholarships, need-based grants, and Federal Work-Study Loans. Did you know that USC awards more than $256.8 Million in grants and scholarships alone?

All this said – it can be a confusing process.  Please call the financial aid office directly (213-740-4444).  Even better – visit us at one of our admitted student programs: on-campus for fall admits, on-campus programs for spring admits or at an admitted student reception near you.  Financial Aid counselors will be available at all of the programs!


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