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In-Person Events
First-Year Admission

90-minute sessions covering our academic programs, the admission process, and a facility tour for high school students and family members interested in First-Year admission.

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Virtual Info Sessions
First-Year Admission
Transfer Admission

Explore student life, faculty research, alumni experiences, and a ton more… all through your headphones!


Hear from the Viterbi Students directly.  Read their blogs, watch their videos… you can even see them on our Insta – get to know them to find out what your time at USC may be like!


NSBE & The Importance of Finding Community in STEM

As a Black woman who has participated in STEM activities my whole life, I’ve grown used to being one of the few Black individuals, and…
Riley AshfordRiley Ashford

A Day in My Life as a USC Engineering Student

A day in my life as a USC Engineering student. I wake up and head to USC’s local farmer’s market with friends. USC holds a…
Riya ShenoyRiya Shenoy

4 Reasons Why I Chose USC

As one can expect, deciding on where to go to college can be a daunting task. When I was in my senior year of high…
Naya WilliamsNaya Williams

A Day in the Life of a Viterbi Mechanical Engineering Student

It’s a Monday morning in beautiful Southern California, one of my busiest days of the week, but an exciting one nonetheless.  I start my day…
Hannah FonsecaHannah Fonseca

Carving My Path: My Biomedical Engineering World

*Opens Google* *Types:* > What is Biomedical Engineering? This was more or less how I began my journey down what has been two years of…
Gerson EstradaGerson Estrada
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Virtual / Online Events
Transfer Admission

Your first step as a prospective transfer student is to attend one of our detailed advisement and info sessions.  We will cover your best course plan, and how to apply.  Please select a date below to see availability and reserve your spot.

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