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Happy New Year! The Fall 2019 transfer application deadline is quickly approaching (February 1st!), and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to complete your application. Today’s post is part 1 of our five-part series on transferring to USC Viterbi. For the rest of the series, click one of the links below:

At the bottom of this post, we have also included a video on how to apply as a transfer student. For the complete picture on transferring, check out our How to Transfer page.

Transferring to USC Viterbi Part 1 – Academics

Unsure of which major to pick, what research opportunities are available, or what kind of classes you’ll be taking? Look no further than our Academics page, where you can deep dive into learning about everything a particular discipline of engineering has to offer. Be sure to also check out the Viterbi Undergraduate Handbook, where you can see sample course plans for every major and every area of emphasis (starting on page 28!). You can also see which APs will transfer for credit (page 26!).



If you have any questions about our programs or the application process, please call us at (213) 740-4530, or email at

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