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February 1st is the USC Transfer Deadline!

If you are currently enrolled in another university or community college and have considered transferring to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, your application for Fall 2020 is due Saturday, February 1st. 

We understand that pieces of the application (e.g. transcripts) may not be available by February 1st, so please be sure to send those extra pieces to us as soon as possible after the deadline.

Apply Now

Check out our Transfer Page for even more information.

If you haven’t listened already, our podcast recently posted the episode: “How to Transfer to USC Viterbi.”  You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or on the embedded Soundcloud link below.

Angie Solares

Angie was born and raised in southern California. She attended UCLA for her undergraduate education and is currently working on a Master's degree at USC (talk about a never-ending internal conflict). She is passionate about education and access for all. At Viterbi, Angie's focus is counseling transfer students on the admission process.