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With the semester being fully virtual, it has been difficult to stay physically connected to the USC campus. However, being able to live around campus has been a great way to still feel involved and to live the college experience. I can attribute this experience to being able to live in my fraternity house for the semester. Since the beginning of college, Greek life has been a great opportunity to stay involved with my college community.

College is always an intimidating time for the incoming class, because you are entering a new community of very diverse people and you are searching for “your” people. However, USC offers many opportunities to join many groups or clubs, whether they be academic or purely social, that allow you to expand your network and find friends. 

As a freshman, I definitely felt I was thrown into the deep end when I first started my time at USC. However, Greek Life was a great opportunity for me to gain some sort of intimacy and interconnectivity with the USC community. I was able to make friends across different organizations and take part in many diverse activities because of it. For example, I’ve had my brothers in the Surf Club take me surfing for the first time!

Greek life is not for everyone, which can be said for every USC organization; sometimes they are a great fit and sometimes not so much. However, it is important to put yourself out there and use the resources provided by USC to expand your social sphere, if not just for hang outs but also to gain different experiences and worldviews.

Timothy Harrington