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On-campus, I am involved in many things, from academic clubs to sports clubs. I have fun that regardless of how busy I am, being a part of those clubs has shaped my time at USC and has truly allowed me to become comfortable in my environment. My Involvements on campus are what I like to call my mental break from academics. My top 3 involvements are as follows:


I participate in sports clubs to let out the frustrations and stress I feel from school. Nothing other than sleep feels better than going to field hockey after three days of studying and coding for a class to hit and drive balls. Not only is it great physical activity… it also works as a therapeutic calm for me.


I am also a member of the USC co-ed Engineering organization Theta Tau. Within Theta Tau, I allow myself to be social and emerge from my recluse self, who would rather stay in my room all day than go out. Being a member of Theta Tau allows me to surround myself with extremely amazing people that are always willing to do things. Theta Tau plans a lot of activities like social, service, and professional events. Going to these events allows me to venture out of my bubble and hang out with cool people while building my professional development skills and helping the neighboring community.


My biggest time commitment on campus outside of my academics is my position as the Executive House Manager of Trojan Events services. Within this job, I manage a staff of about 80+ students to host performances, dances, shows, etc., all across campus. I love this job because I get to see a lot of incredible performances and listen to a lot of speakers for free. It is also a job that builds my interpersonal skillsets, like communication, de-escalation, and basic customer service.


Although I am extremely busy, I genuinely love everything I am involved in because they touch upon different aspects of my personality. I get to do a wide variety of things across campus.

Elena Ikeocha