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Choosing a major is often the most daunting part of writing a college engineering application, so our team is here to provide a collection of tips and stories from students who have been through this same application process not so long ago!

So, as you all work on finishing up and polishing your college applications (including perhaps your application to USC Viterbi, which is due January 15th!), here is a helpful round-up of resources on applying to engineering schools.

Up first: a recent live chat with current Viterbi students:
Up next: an audio version of the live chat above, as well as a series of podcast faculty roundtables for you to learn more about the different departments!


Finally, blogs on how current students at Viterbi decided what major to apply for!

For more details on the exact course offerings for each major here at USC Viterbi, visit All the best with your applications, and Happy New Year!

Timothy Harrington