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As of today, September 23rd, 2021, I have officially had one month of in-person classes at USC. I cannot believe that it’s already time for the first round of midterms, the fall career fair, and that I’ve already been to a couple of football games.

Transitioning from virtual to in-person classes was not as hard of a transition as I thought it would be, but the experiences are still very different. I have had a chance this semester to really meet and connect with my classmates and professors, which is definitely easier in-person. Being able to actually go to club meetings and events and interact with people I have only known online has been really awesome and always reminds me how great the Trojan Family is. I’m really glad I get to experience live physics demos, writing on real whiteboards, and catching up with friends during walks between classes. While I definitely felt like I was academically in college last year, I definitely feel more like a college student this semester.

Another thing I have loved about my first month at USC is being outside. The University Park campus is so beautiful and due to COVID-19 restrictions a lot more outdoor seating has been added around campus. It has been super nice to hang outside with my friends, doing everything from eating to studying. The weather in Los Angeles is very nice, especially in the late summer and fall time, so I make sure to take advantage of it. I do most of my work in the courtyard inside my residential housing building and I really enjoy getting the opportunity to be outside in an area that’s not as busy as the main campus.

Other than studying outside, another thing I’m doing on campus that I was not doing during virtual school is walking (a lot). I now average above 10,000 steps as I   walk pretty much everywhere. I really do enjoy walking around campus though as it is beautiful and it gives me an opportunity to decompress after my classes.

Seeing all the students walking, skateboarding, or biking is really such a wonderful experience. I remember touring USC my senior year and seeing all the students and never imagining that could have been me. Despite all of my homework, exams, and my sore legs, being on campus at USC is awesome and I can’t wait to continue my college experience.

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