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Since my entire freshman year was online, this year is my first time living on my own. Coincidentally, this week marks exactly one month since I moved to LA! As an out-of-state student, let me give you the highlights of the month…

1) Meeting virtual friends in real life

Although I had met very few USC students in person, it has been such an experience meeting everyone I knew online on campus. It turns out, lots of people are the same in person as they are on zoom.

2) Exploring LA

Building off my last point, some of the best memories I’ve made (so far) has been sightseeing in LA with both new friends and zoom friends. I’ve visited The Getty, Grand Central Market, Santa Monica, and more! When you move onto campus, I highly recommend taking breaks from campus to explore different parts of LA. There’s a metro line a few blocks campus that’s a super affordable way to get to the beach and downtown LA. Plus, there’s plenty of events that transfer students to and from different places on campus (626 night market, TO Getty Trip)—keep an eye out!

3) Student organizations

While student organizations on zoom were still worth joining, in person student organizations are such a fun way to make friends and form connections. For me, I was already involved in student organizations that I’ve really enjoyed so I’ve been able to start planning out projects. If you want to meet new people, attend the club fair and see what organizations you’re interested in!

4) Studying on campus

There are so many interesting study locations on campus—all of which have different atmospheres that impact my studying. Leaving my apartment to find new study places has been an interesting way to explore campus!

5) Other things..

I’ve also enjoyed more casual events like going to Shabbat dinner or even spontaneous late night boba runs. Honestly, even the smallest memories can form a fun college experience. When you’re living on campus, it’s super easy to meet and hangout with people!


I’m super happy that I was finally able to live on campus. Everything from living with my friends to attending classes has been such a fun transition.

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