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One of the best things about college is being able to pursue your true interests with no particular reason necessarily! In comparison to high school where you often might feel “forced” to join organizations because you believe it will look good on your resume, college is a time to get involved with things that you are genuinely passionate about. An amazing plus of that is that college orgs might be an avenue for you to meet new people and sometimes even find your best friends for life!


I have been involved with BRASA-Brazilian Student Association- since my first semester of college and am now the current President of the organization. I can confidently say that joining BRASA and deciding to become heavily involved in it was the best decision I could have made during my college career. The club allowed me to develop myself as a person, student, and professional, and it was also the avenue through which I found my family away from home.


BRASA organizes annual retreats, where the whole club goes on a trip for the weekend to explore a new city in California! It’s an amazing opportunity to bond with other members and to enjoy the weekend at a different city in a cool house with lots of food and cool people. BRASA Retreat has been my favorite event of the club every single year, and getting to organize it this time as the President felt really special to me.

The best thing about the retreat is getting to see the people that stuck with the club and have been by my side for the past four years! As we approach the end of our USC careers, I wouldn’t have wanted to do BRASA retreat (& USC & life!) with anyone else. If you are reading this, don’t be afraid to explore club retreats and really take advantage of it to bond with other people. I promise you won’t regret it!

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