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“Engineering+  is a big thing at Viterbi. We believe that each engineer should not be constrained to just “engineering”. Exploring other skills, disciplines, or interests makes us better problem solvers, teammates, engineers, and humans!


I came into college questioning “What is my plus?” and worrying about what happens if I “can’t find my plus”.


I was interested in a lot of different things, but I was worried I could only choose a single “+” in college.


Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong. 


Engineering+ isn’t something to declare like a major or minor. It can mean whatever you want! Want to take classes in surfing? Fantastic! Just want to watch theater productions at USC? Go for it! Want to add a minor in finance and join investment clubs? Perfect! Do you just really like cooking? Cook as much as you would like!


Engineering+ can describe whatever you want it to. It’s YOUR plus. 


It’s also important to mention that you don’t have to stick to a single “plus”. I am interested in healthcare inequity, but I’ve also always wanted to try ballroom dancing. Last semester I joined a research team focused on health disparities and social justice in Los Angeles, AND I took a ballroom dancing class.


I love being involved in both of these activities — quite different from engineering and each other. I am continuing to research on the same team, and I joined the ballroom dancing club!


I love living engineering+ with as many pluses as I would like. 

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