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A lot of blogs have been talking about the dining at USC, and I agree with them. The dining halls are great, and there are a ton of options.


I live in an apartment in the USC Village right above Trader Joes. I love it there, but that’s a blog for another time. I have a meal plan through USC, but it isn’t the unlimited (or virtually unlimited) plan that the freshmen have. 


The apartment meal plan gives me 40 swipes and $150 dining dollars for the semester. This means I use a few swipes a week, buy some Starbucks on occasion, AND cook for myself. It’s the perfect combination. 


I love the freedom where I never HAVE to cook, but I always can! I’ve made some pretty cool dishes this past semester.


My go-to things to cook are: 

spicy vodka pasta (gluten-free of course)

-salmon with arugula salad

-scrambled eggs with prosciutto

-protein smoothies


My go-to dining hall meals are: 

-veggie burrito bowl from Verde

-chana masala curry bowl from Tutor Cafe

-quarter chicken with vegetables from The Kitchen

-Friday coconut yogurt bowls from the Village Dining Hall


I can never go wrong with my options!

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