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What if your freshman 15 can be in 15 pounds of solid muscle. Sounds much more appealing right? Well, good news! USC has so many amazing ways for students to stay active while also making new friends and still having time to do homework. There are intramural sports, club sports, track access, pool access, and gym access available to all those Trojans that chose to take advantage of these avenues of working out. Intramural sports are a great way to get a team of friends together and play weekly games against other teams. They are as big or as little of a commitment as you would like to make them, so there is no need to worry about practice interfering with homework or classes. Some intramural sports at USC include basketball, soccer, and flag football and are offered in various leagues to make the competition more balanced. 

Cromwell Stadium is the perfect place to get some laps in before or after class

Club sports are very similar to varsity sports in high school. There are several practices each week and teams compete against other schools. There are a plethora of club sports at USC ranging from soccer, to track and field, to ultimate frisbee, to triathlon. Basically any sport that you can think of, there’s a club for it! Club sports are great for those who are willing to commit more time to continuing to develop their skills in a sport they might have played previously or to have exposure to a new sport in a more organized setting. USC also allows students the ability to access the gyms on campus as well as the track and pool (during specific hours) so if you’d just like to exercise on your own, you have all the resources you need! The Rec Sports website houses all the information regarding signing up for intramural sports, track access, club sports, gym access, and fitness classes offered through USC, so students can find everything in one convenient place.

USC Club Triathlon gets to travel around the US to do races!

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