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USC students take their breaks seriously; spring break is the time to relax and vacation. While some students return home, many take the week to go somewhere fun. During my spring break, I traveled pretty much the entire time.

For the first part of Spring Break, I vacationed in Miami! This was my first time visiting Florida – and planning my own major vacation. The beaches were fun and then street art was interesting to browse.

After flying back to LA, I hopped in a car to drive up to San Francisco with some friends that live on my floor.

From there, I flew to Seattle and drove over the mountains to my family’s hometown in Eastern Washington. This was my first time returning home since winter break. As of now, I can confirm that I have been perfectly climatized to LA weather. Even though most of the slow melted, 45 degree-partly cloudy weather felt like a literal tundra.

At USC, there is huge work-hard-play-hard culture. Lots of my friends traveled internationally to vacation. Because so many students leave USC, it has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and plan vacations of my own. Before coming to USC, traveling seemed intimidating. But at USC, it seems natural – and plenty of students are willing to travel together to fully live out the college experience.

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