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This past weekend, we had the privilege of experiencing Homecoming weekend here at USC, and it really got me thinking about how lucky we are to attend this school.

What was only 3 years ago now seems like a millennium ago: I decided at 7pm on May 1st to attend the University of Southern California. At the time, there were a million different factors that went into this decision, but one of the biggest was the school spirit of USC. Come hell or high water, USC fans will come out in droves to support our school, athletics programs, and educational endeavors. It’s a really special phenomenon that I think many of us take for granted… the Trojan Spirit is truly a remarkable thing. 

As I stated above, this past weekend was our school’s Homecoming. As such, the school spirit that is always loud and strong on an average game day at USC erupted into an inferno. Hordes of alumni pooled onto campus and into the Coliseum for the football game against Cal Berkeley. Aside from the game, a plethora of events were being held throughout the weekend for USC alumni and current students alike. These events spanned a variety of activities, from networking events to tailgates, that all shared one common goal: to unite the Trojan Family in their pride for our school.

Across the country, schools have been hosting their Homecoming weekends. However, there aren’t many schools that have the spirit of Troy like we do here in Los Angeles. Everyone talks about how the Trojan network can help students in their professional lives, but what many don’t get is that the network itself is a living thing. It is what brings us together and makes this school such an amazing family that can have amazing experiences. It is the Spirit of Troy!

Happy Homecoming!

Lucas Mortenson

MAJOR: Industrial and Systems Engineering Major, Songwriting Minor YEAR: Class of 2024 HOMETOWN: Golf, Illinois PRONOUNS: he/him/his INSTA: @ l.mortenson11 At USC, I am involved in a number of different academic associations including being a part of IISE, Scholars Leading Scholars, and The Freshman Engineering Academy coaching team. Outside of academics, I am involved in Greek Life, I am on the club Water Polo team, and I actively participate in the arts scene, both through my songwriting minor and other events such as open mic nights.