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USC Football is back baby.

When I was looking at colleges, college sports and the student section was honestly a consideration that I had in my mind. My high school was not very good in sports that a majority of people watched, with my high school football team going 0-10 my senior year. After a certain point, I just stopped going to the games because it wasn’t worth my time. As someone who loves watching sports, having a college that was competitive and had a lot of school spirit was very attractive, and ultimately contributed a little in my decision to attend USC.

That being said, it was tough having the year that I enroll be the year we started looking abysmal. After going 11-3 in 2017, it was tough to see my first year on campus (2018) go so poorly, with a 5-7 finish to the season. My sophomore year offered glimpses of hope yet was capped off with a painful 49-24 loss to Iowa in the 2019 Holiday Bowl. Seeing all the potential that we had over the years amount to nothingness was hurt, especially when attending every home game. Students pleaded for a coaching change, as Clay Helton was running the program into the ground, with recruits decommitting from USC. Then, after a 42-28 loss to Stanford, Helton was fired, paving the way for a new path forward.

In November 2021, USC hired Oklahoma Head Coach Lincoln Riley which has brough hope back to a broken program. Many recruits decommitted to Oklahoma and following Riley to USC, including freshman standout Caleb Williams. After the announcement, USC touts the top transfer class in the country this year and one of the top recruiting class for 2023. USC sports are now looking up and it seems that we will be very competitive for many years to come. In addition, USC basketball was ranked as high as 5th this season and we look to make a deep march madness run like we did last year.

If you’re someone who loves sports, USC is the place for you. The following years will be a revival of USC sports and I’m happy that we will be coming out of our slump. Someone had to take it for the team… And that was my graduating class. 4 years spent with lackluster football; but all of that changes next season. I’m not saying it will bring us back to the Reggie Bush days, but it will be electric and I’m excited for what lies ahead.

Timothy Harrington