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Despite only living in LA for a short while, I’ll recap the top things that shocked me since leaving Washington state.

5. Celebrities in Public?

While LA is home to anyone with a claim to fame from Hollywood a-listers to TikTok overnight stars, I never imagined I would see one in everyday life. Of course, I see influencers all the time around campus. I mean, our beautiful campus is the perfect place for a quick insta photoshoot. But I was still shocked when I saw Simu Liu chatting with his buddies at the table next to ours during a late-night BCD Tofu run. Luckily on our way out, we were able to get a quick photo to remember it 🙂

4. The. Food.

LA has amazing food. I thought where I grew up in Washington State had great food. After living here for several months, I can confidentially say LA takes the cake for the best food. Many of our current VSA have already written about the best food options in LA so I’ll link them for your reading leisure:

3. Fall breaking in San Diego

During Fall Break, the two-day break during Fall Semester, my friends and I planned an impromptu trip to San Diego. Personally, I love San Diego. The good thing about living in LA is that you’re insanely close to a ton of cool vacation destinations – San Francisco, Malibu Beach, Big Bear, Las Vegas, and more! When you have a few days off, you’ll definitely have things to do to fill your time.


2. Hustle culture.

It’s true. Everyone here is working hard to accomplish their dreams. For someone like me, I’ve definitely enjoyed it. I love being surrounded by motivated peers. It’s pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals. Long story short? Life is never bland here.

1. Going to USC

Sometimes when I walk around campus, I can’t believe I’m in college, let alone attending a fantastic institution like USC. To end it off on a cheesy note, I’m extremely thankful I go to USC. The people, the atmosphere, the opportunities – It’s something I’ve never experienced. Even though I’ve only lived on campus for a little bit over a semester, I’ve accomplished and grown so much. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where my college journey takes me <3

Timothy Harrington