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After being accepted into colleges in high school, I remember watching Youtube videos where college students took you around their day. I thought it would be useful to summarize what I do in a week as a chemical engineering student to give you an idea of what your week/involvements could look like! To break it down by day, here’s a list of the things I do!



  • Woke up at ~11am
  • Grabbed salmon bowls with my friend at Fertitta and worked on homework in the Gaughan and Tiberti Business Library
  • Went to mindfulness and a chemical engineering class
  • Grabbed a snack at Seeds Marketplace
  • Went to Annenberg Media and worked on the 4th floor, and did homework with friends
  • Went to Parkside dining hall with another friend and got tacos and frozen yogurt!
  • Came to Leavey Library and booked a room on the 2nd floor to have a private space to meet friends and collaborated on homework
  • Went home ~1am.


  • Woke up at ~7am to go to the office for my internship at Dermalogica (I work in their packaging engineering department)
  • Did some intern work (mainly work in excel)
  • Once my internship was over around 5pm I went back home and grabbed my personal computer
  • Went to campus and met up with friends for Il Giardino in the village
  • After, walked over to Leavey to do homework with friends
  • Got home around 12am


  • Woke up at 12pm, grabbed Cava
  • Attended mindfulness class and chemical engineering class
  • Went to office hours
  • Went to leavey to do homework
  • Attended a Society of Cosmetic Chemists club general meeting
  • Cooked ramen at home
  • Went to apartment gym


  • Woke up at ~7am to go to internship
  • Continued more excel work
  • Left to go to 444c chemical engineering lab where I did an exothermic reaction lab
  • Grabbed Chipotle
  • Visited my sorority study hours (where we do homework)
  • Went to Lyon Gym
  • Got home and went to bed around ~10pm


  • Woke up around 9:30am and worked remotely for my internship
  • Grabbed coffee at Dulce with a friend
  • Continued doing more work
  • Clocked out of work and went out to dinner with friends at Sun Nong Dan
  • Went home and watched a movie with friends


  • Slept in and then worked on homework until late
  • Cooked dinner at home
  • Went out later in the night to West Hollywood


  • Went to Melrose Trading Post (an outdoor market with goods, food trucks, etc.)
  • Got home and worked on homework
  • Cooked chicken for dinner

While this is just a summary of what I do in a day in bullet points, there is so much you can do in Los Angeles. You can go to Santa Monica and go shopping, go to Manhattan Beach with friends, or go to Pasadena and explore the cute shops!

Sydney Fiorentino

MAJOR: Chemical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2024 HOMETOWN: San Francisco, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @sfberries I have been involved in conducting research relating to nanoparticles and microfluidics. I'm a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers), and Gen-Zine. Outside of school I enjoy writing and have gotten into blog writing and radio reporting.