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For starters, USC has three dining halls: Everybody’s Kitchen (also known as EVK), Parkside, and the Village. Amongst most students, Parkside is considered the best dining hall out of the three. However, between the Village and EVK, there is usually some back and forth debate between which one is the best and worst. Now that we have the rankings somewhat clear, we must talk about some of the best meals served at these dining halls.


My personal favorite: The Acai Bowls.

Whenever a dining hall is serving an acai bowl, I just know I need to make a quick run to that specific dining hall. From the acai base to the mango chunks to the chocolate chips to the coconut flakes, the acai bowls are pure perfection. This bowl is customizable and you get to choose which toppings will create your perfect acai bowl!


A rare, but worth-the-wait meal: Ramen.

Although I’ve only ever caught ramen at the Village, it is a meal that I would definitely wait in line for. The combination of seaweed and noodles and protein mix to create great flavor, making it feel almost as if you got away to Little Tokyo for a bit. 


A familiar delicacy: Lomo Saltado

Growing up in a South American family, Lomo Saltado has always been a dish I have loved to eat. My family and I have always loved Peruvian food, which is why Lomo Saltado is a comforting and delicious meal for me. Therefore, when I saw it for the first time at EVK, not only did I get really excited, but I also felt a touch of home!


A consistent, yet appetizing dish: Omelets. 

Whenever I have time in the mornings, I patiently wait in line to get an Omelet. I think this is my ideal breakfast because of the way in which I can sneak in some healthy ingredients (such as spinach and tomato), while also having it taste amazing. Therefore, when I can, I think this is very much worth the wait.


Delicious at any time of the day: Crepes.

Really only served at the Village, these crepes are the best dessert or snack found at USC’s dining halls. With the wide array of toppings available, these crepes are a great pick-me-up. I usually like to save my crepe as a dessert when I’m at the Village, and the best days are when there is ice cream to mount on top of my crepe. 


A savory favorite: Poke.

This is one of my favorite meals served at the dining halls because of the volume of toppings that I can add to customize my poke bowl with. Also, I am a big fan of anything sushi, which is why I knew this was going to be a winner for me even before I tried it. My favorite toppings include the imitation crab, edamame, seaweed, and soy sauce.

Victoria Aguirre

MAJOR: Electrical & Computer Engineering YEAR: Class of 2026 HOMETOWN: Irvine, California PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers INSTA: @victoria__aguirre I am currently involved in research on campus through the WiDeS Group where I focus on configuring and analyzing ray tracer modeling for wireless communications so that we can continue to improve our communication systems everywhere! Outside of engineering, I am also involved in USC's Trojan Club Tennis Team where I get to travel nationally with my team to compete against other collegiate teams.