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It’s February and we all know what that means… the Super Bowl and Valentines Day. This year, they are only a short two days apart from each other. The pressure is on to have plans for one or both. Where are you watching the game? What restaurant is the best for Valentines? So many questions! Well lucky for you I am an explorer of LA, so I can offer some pretty fun places to go to even though I won’t be celebrating the day of love and I also don’t like football.

Starting with the Super Bowl. Where do I recommend? I recommend going to the Arts District. It is a neighborhood of stores, restaurants, and dessert shops that is located very close to USC. I define it as quintessential LA. But if you don’t want to go anywhere near a TV on Super Bowl Sunday then head to the beach. Do not go to a beach where there are a lot of restaurants and beachfront stores because there will be absolutely no parking. I say go to El Porto. It is almost strictly a surfing beach so if you want a not busy place to enjoy the holiday, head to the water. Don’t have a car and you want to watch the game? No fear! Rock and Reillys is a campus favorite restaurant bar with TVs to spare. It is located at the Village and is walkable from anywhere in the campus vicinity.


Now onto Valentines! You can never go wrong with staying home, watching a movie, and eating ice cream kind of Valentines. But if you are feeling the pressure to go out, then here are my recommendations. Downtown Culver City has an absurd amount of restaurants and an absurd amount of parking garages. If you have a car then parking is free for the first hour and $1/thirty minutes up to a $12 maximum. And if you don’t have a car, then you can take the Metro and save yourself the parking hassle. I highly recommend this area. I also recommend it for the Super Bowl too if I am being honest. There are a lot of places to take cut outfit pics which is always a plus. If you want to stay near campus then go to Thai by Trio. Another fan favorite with the Trojans that is located nearby and frequented on any day of the year. It has a fairly fancy ambiance so it can feel like an occasion when you go.

Hope this helps with your future adventures in February this year and many years to come!

Natalie Le