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School on top of trying to find yourself in college is difficult to manage. As a freshman and sophomore, I’d ask myself, “should I go out tonight even if it’s a school night and I have homework due and I have class at 8am the next day?” Now as a junior, I have learned that those decisions are not wise if I do not balance my time and my priorities correctly.


Going into college, I never used Google Calendar. I’d just memorize when everything was due and where I had to be at what time, and while that works for a bit, it becomes a lot to remember. You’re going to want to join clubs, have lunch and dinner with all the new people you meet, and you’ll want to explore LA. However, don’t forget about homework! I’d suggest using Google Calendar, a planner, or some type of time management system where you manage when you do what.


For my schedule, I color code everything. My classes, my internship, my extracurriculars, my self-care time, and my social time. While it may seem over the top, I’ve found my life easier when I get to budget my time versus having it all scattered in my brain. It also helps with planning and events, so you can plan your schedule around that as well. In the screenshot of Google Calendar schedule, lavender is my class time, purple is my social time, grey are my extracurriculars, and blue is my internship. If you think the main colors on google calendar are boring to color code with, you can download the more colors extension on chrome so you can add whatever colors to your calendar as you want!


I 100% recommend time management in college and planning. With you wanting to join many clubs and maybe handling an internship this or next semester, from personal experience, it is doable if you can manage what you take on!

Sydney Fiorentino

MAJOR: Chemical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2024 HOMETOWN: San Francisco, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @sfberries I have been involved in conducting research relating to nanoparticles and microfluidics. I'm a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers), and Gen-Zine. Outside of school I enjoy writing and have gotten into blog writing and radio reporting.