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A lot of students and alumni here rage about USC football (especially for the USC vs UCLA game). Typically, a lot of students buy the student pass, which is sold at the beginning of the school year for $200 to get access to all home games. The great thing about the pass is that you can sell your ticket for a game if you cannot make it. Or, if you have someone coming with you, you can also buy them a guest pass.

Here is what a typical game day looks like:

  • Picking out an outfit: Whether it be going to the USC bookstore to buy some merchandise, or going to a friend’s to borrow an outfit, dressing up in USC gear shows our school spirit. A lot of students, just wear a basic t-shirt that says “trojans” on it, or a lot of girls wear a white skirt with a cute top.
  • Meeting up with friends 2-3 hours before the game and tailgating: Tailgating is a fun way to meet new people and celebrate USC gameday. A bunch of people, organizations, etc. host different gatherings either on campus, or around campus. It is a very fun experience to try at least once when you’re a student here! In addition, during parents’ weekend, you’ll see many parents joining in on the fun.
  • Kicking the flagpole: Kicking the USC flag pole at the edge of south of campus (on Trousdale Parkway)   before entering Exposition Park is part of a USC tradition.
  • Finding a seat: I would say finding a seat in the Coliseum for you and your friends if a bit difficult if you go to the game a bit late. Normally, games start off with fireworks, so if you get there after that, it’s a bit harder to find a seat close to the field or to the center. I suggest getting to the football game about 10-15 minutes before it starts so you can get a good seat!
  • Watching the Trojan Marching Band play at halftime: After you have done all the chanting and showed your school spirit for the first two quarters, it’s time to sit down and watch the Trojan Marching Band play their music and watch the cheerleaders and spirit team dance! Usually around this time people decide to either stay at the game to see who will win, or they will get hungry and tired, and they know who will win, so they leave to get food.
  • Getting a victory dog: Everyone I believe has had a victory dog at least once. Victory dogs are the hot dogs that are sold outside of the Coliseum/off the street and they are decent if you’re very hungry. I wouldn’t recommend to get them every time, but if you’re very tired and hungry after a game, people do get them.

It’s very cool to see how many people go to USC when the seats are filled throughout the Coliseum. I love all the school spirit USC has and it shows on game days! Fight on!

Sydney Fiorentino

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