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Wondering how engineering students study for so long and can continue to do it throughout our four years? The answer: perseverance (of course!) and the all-important, engineering essentials.


The engineering essentials, as I like to call them, are some key things that continue to make my late night studying experience more enjoyable and dare I even say, fun. So here they are, the 3 engineering essentials that make the long days (and nights) bearable and can even help you make some of the best memories of college. 


1. Study group

  • First and foremost, is a study group that will hold strong with you and aren’t afraid when the midnight crazies start kicking in. My study group has become some of my bestest friends both in and out of the classroom simply because we see each other A LOT and tough out the hard times together. They fill long nights with tons of laughs, motivation, and encouragement that fuels me to keep pushing no matter how hard the going gets. Find you a good study group and study sessions will become something you almost look forward to.

* Just a few of the amazing people in my study group!


2. Wordle

  • I know at first it doesn’t make sense, but I promise once you try it, it really works. It’s a great way to cut the intensity of a grind night with a little fun competition with friends. If you’re not already obsessed, just look up New York Times Wordle and give it your best shot. Racing your friends to see who can get the word first adds friendly competition and most importantly, fun!

3. Snacks

  • Whether a study session is taking place in the middle of the day or too early in the morning, it is essential to have your go-to snacks at the ready. For me and my pals, this always consists of goldfish, carrots, popcorn, and some kind of cookies. When the going gets real tough, at least you will have these comfort foods to provide you with happiness and keep you fueled for what’s to come. It’s never a bad idea to have food on standby!

As an engineer, there will be many late nights and early mornings of studying, but with these 3 engineering essentials, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle your work and make some core mems too! 

Aisha Yamamoto

MAJOR: Biomedical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2024 HOMETOWN: Kaneohe, Hawaii PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @aisha.yamamoto I am involved with a startup working to optimize healthcare in underserved international communities. I've also worked with a biotech startup over the summer and conducted undergraduate research at a neuroscience lab. Aside from engineering, I'm involved in Troy Camp, Hawaii Club, and volunteer within the LA community.