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Freshman year – a year of ups and downs, new friendships, learning curves, and much more. After such an exciting and tiring school year, I really needed some time to wind down and do anything but school, which is why as soon as I got home (45 minutes away in Irvine), I cuddled with my dog and binged Netflix. 

As exciting as that may sound, I eventually got bored, and turned to a new hobby as I counted down the days to my family trip. Crochet had always been something I was interested in, yet something I had never tried; however, thanks to my amazing friend Macie, I was finally able to learn this summer. Although the beginning led to a few moments of frustration, I was eventually able to get the hang of it, making a cat beanie and now currently working on a book cover!

Also before leaving on my 2-week trip, I was finally able to reunite with my high school friends who had all gone out of state for college. Months had gone by without seeing them, which is why we took advantage of the time we had together this summer. Trips to the beach, late night boba runs, pool days; we made sure to have a great time and catch up on all that had gone on throughout the school year. 

Finally, it was time for my family and I to travel to Japan and South Korea. This had been a trip my family had been dreaming about for years, and we were all so excited and grateful to finally make it happen. From the fashion to the food to the activities, there was so much to see and admire in these two countries, and I hope to someday be able to return. If I were to pick my favorite city from the entire trip, it would have to be Tokyo. I loved the way in which people seemed to be so individualistic in the ways they dressed and the emphasis that there was on fashion. I also felt like Tokyo was a cleaner and prettier version of LA, so it was definitely really cool to see. 

Once I came home, I worked at a local restaurant and took a summer class for the remainder of my break. I have been working at Texas de Brazil since my senior year of high school, and I always go back during breaks, so I have a lot of fun seeing the friends I have made there over the years. The only non-relaxing part of my summer had to have been my summer Calc class, but at least it is now out of the way!

Overall, this summer was one of my greatest summers, and I am really happy I was able to spend it with both friends and family. Now, I am excited to be back at school, and I am looking forward to another great year with the friends and family I have made on campus!  

Victoria Aguirre

MAJOR: Electrical & Computer Engineering YEAR: Class of 2026 HOMETOWN: Irvine, California PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers INSTA: @victoria__aguirre I am currently involved in research on campus through the WiDeS Group where I focus on configuring and analyzing ray tracer modeling for wireless communications so that we can continue to improve our communication systems everywhere! Outside of engineering, I am also involved in USC's Trojan Club Tennis Team where I get to travel nationally with my team to compete against other collegiate teams.