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Hi guys!

I hope the past month has been amazing for you readers!


I wanted to give a little rehash of my month, which mostly has been studying for finals and trying to sneak in a bit of fun time in between that preparation time.


Though some of my finals were only sit-down exams, the rest were project-based exams. This means that my studying time had to be split between making progress on things like cheat sheets and practice exams for the sit-down components, as well as trial and error for my python coding projects.


Starting these studying methods was intimidating at first, but I received some help from the Student Union on campus, which provides resources to students in the form of academic advising. I attended a drop-in office hours session, and through the different worksheets that were accessible, I was able to form a study schedule. I split my study time into blocks per each class during the day, and with that, I managed studying for both my sit-down and take-home exam components.


These exams were stressful, and they definitely took a lot of mental energy to complete. However, it did feel really nice to be able to reward myself with a fun movie night with my friend afterwards! We went to go see the horror/thriller movie Thanksgiving, and it was extremely gory. But it was also so funny, and although I would not watch it again, I definitely laughed a lot.  This was my last USC activity (for the year, wow!!).


I am back home now in Virginia, and I have spent the past week volunteering for my high school robotics programs for the biggest REC VEX program on the East Coast. I was a high school judge, and I spent a lot of fun time there!


For the rest of this break, I plan to catch up on my reading, spend time with my family, and get some actual rest before the upcoming Spring semester! Thank you for following along, and I will include some pictures below.


Fight On!!


Love, Sejal : )


Sejal Sharma

MAJOR: Environmental Engineering YEAR: Class of 2026 HOMETOWN: Manassas, Virginia PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @sejal.sharmaaa I am currently involved in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), which focuses on female empowerment and leadership/learning opportunities for women in STEM. Additionally, I am on the Composites sub-team for USC's FSAE racing team.