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We wish we could admit you all.

Every year, we receive an amazing applicant pool and we would love to admit every single qualified applicant.  For those applying to Fall 2024, it has been the most competitive year for admission in our history.  Unfortunately, more than 9 out of 10 of you will not be admitted due to space constraints of our program.   But many of you may be wondering: “what now?”

Receiving Bad News From USC

First, be sure you read through the entire “Frequently Asked Questions” document you were supplied with in your admission decision.  It details a bit more context and next steps you can take to move forward.  I am confident you have been admitted to a great number of universities and you will likely do great no matter where you attend.  Seriously consider every offer of admission and see which university may be best for you.  Keep in mind that each college has their own process for you to confirm your attendance and follow those instructions carefully to secure your spot at another university in the fall.

Additionally, you are always welcome to appeal our admission decision as the instructions lay out in the FAQ.  However, please follow the instructions explicitly laid out in the FAQ otherwise we may not be able to consider your appeal.  Note the timeline for the appeal review process as it will not be finalized until after your traditional date to let colleges know whether you are taking their offer or not, so be sure to secure a spot in a university that is not USC.

Finally, if you believe USC is the right place for you, we are happy to help you set up a plan to apply as a transfer applicant for a future term. Transferring into USC is always available. In fact, our admission rate for transfer students has traditionally been around 20%.

Transferring is not as complicated as you may think!

Visit the Viterbi Transfer Admission page to become familiarized with the process and get that much closer to becoming a student at USC.  You can enroll at a community college, take the appropriate courses, and apply for Fall 2025.  One year is all it traditionally takes.

Here is a glimpse of what is required to transfer to Engineering or Computer Science at USC:

  • Enroll in Calculus, Lab Based Sciences (or programming for CS Majors), The USC Writing requirement equivalent, and a few GE equivalents.
  • Check out our Transfer Planning Guides and/or Articulation Histories with other colleges around the country and determine where you will attend for the fall semester.
  • Perform strongly (A’s and B’s) in all of your classes.
  • Apply as a transfer student for Fall 2025 by February 15th, 2025.

If this route is something that you are interested in, please make sure you review the Viterbi Admission Transfer page for help with creating a strong course plan. Additionally you can complete the form in your admission decision portal to sign up for additional transfer counseling in the coming months.

Lisa Rosas

Lisa was born and raised in Southern California. Although she lived her entire life in some of the best weather, Lisa decided for a change of scenery for college and pursued her undergraduate degree at the University of Dubuque in Iowa. While there, she was a two-sport athlete. After experiencing beyond-freezing temperatures, she returned home with inspiration to work in higher education. She is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree with USC Rossier. In her free time you’ll find her snowboarding, playing soccer, or reading.