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Are You Having Problems Logging Into USConnect?

By January 31, 20114 Comments

Currently, USConnect supports Internet Explorer 6, 7, and Firefox 3.6 for the PC, as well as Safari 4.0 for the Mac.

If you are using a supported browser, please e-mail the USC Office of Admission or call  (213) 740-1111 for further assistance.

If you have questions about the application feel free to contact me or anyone else in the Viterbi Admission Office at 213-740-4530 or

– Christine

Viterbi Admission


  • Do you know yet if FF4 works with USCC? I don’t want to upgrade until I am sure I won’t be locking myself out. 😉 Thank you!

  • Paul Ledesma says:

    considering the recent release of FF4, please continue using the older version, or IE. I have been told that the portal will be certified for FF4 soon.

  • Taylor Iwasaki says:

    I just want to cancel my account from the Usconnect because I got accepted to a college already please and thank u

  • Paul Ledesma says:

    Taylor – not certain what you are trying to do here…. there is no need to cancel the account if you dont choose to attend school here. In looking through our system, I don’t see any application in your name. If you need more help, please let me know… or call the office of admission at (213) 740 1111.